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What is the formula for maximum battery pulse vs pulse duration?

I am interested in finding the maximum current a lithium-ion battery can provide for pulses in the order of 50 ms. If my battery can provide 50 A continuously and 120 A for 10 seconds, how can I find, ...
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How to chose the correct value for configuring burst ETH-DMA accesses for STM32F207?

I'm checking the default configuration of an ethernet communication project based on STM32F2 microcontroller (stm32f207 RM0033 UM). Where the comments I'm gone to do, they could be find on section 28....
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Capacitor bursting

I attached a 0.1 uF capacitor at the input of a 5 V voltage regulator. It was rated 50 V and my input was 37 V. After some time the capacitor burned out. I tried the same with another capacitor but it ...
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Is this component correctly used?

So, There is this schematic that a previous collegue made for a project that I took over that have some EMC problems (Burst/EFT). The problem is that 12V on the secondary side of the transformer(not ...
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How to generate a pulse burst train by 1MHz PWM in STM32 M0+?

I need to generate a pulse burst train. In each burst, there are 120 pulse with pulse width of 1us. And in between the bursts, there is a interphase width in 130us. I set TIM1 as 1MHz PWM with Duty ...
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Is my surge and burst protection enough?

The above schematic is for surge and burst proection. Is it enough? Thanks.
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Buck-boost converter (LTC3442) not producing output until excited

EDIT: Added datasheet for the inductor and some oscilloscope measurements. I'm using a LTC3442 buck-boost converter from Linear Technology / Analog Devices (datasheet) in my design to produce a 3.3V ...
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Implementing burst mode control in a continuous PWM switching scheme

I am designing an inductive adder with two modules where a low-side MOSFET operates under continuous PWM switching in each module. However, my intended application for this adder would require ...
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How to implement "burst" functionality for bare-bones function generator

Some fancy function generators have a burst feature which gives precise control over on-time and periodicity of the desired waveform. Ex: For my application, I have a 25 MHz sin wave (2.5 Vpp) and, in ...
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Repairing burned PCB traces for 220V. Is it safe if I don't know why they burned?

I'm trying to fix the cooker hood of my kitchen and I found that the problem is in the controller. The PCB has two burned traces, respectively to the electric source of 220V (neutral and phase... ...
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RS485 - Comunication lost during EFT IEC 61000-4-4

I'm having throubles with communication over RS485 in harsh industrial environment. We perform test in EMC lab, acording IEC 61000-4-4 = Fast transient (also known as Burst). We used burst generator ...
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I2C in STM32F103 longer data

I am trying to use PCA9539 as an IOexpander for my project. I have a STM32F103 connected to PCA9539 via I2C. The problem I have is to write into PCA9539. Based on the datasheet I should to send (1) ...
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Burst mode in synchronous buck converter with current mode control?

I read this previous question: The meaning of Burst Mode It says burst mode happens when the resistance of the load is light and the system stops switching the MOSFETs. However, I just cannot ...
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Synchronous burst generator circuit

Ok, this is my very first question here so please forgive me if I'm asking a too broad question or if my problem description is too imprecise. I have a 13.56 MHz (RFID) pierce-type quartz oscillator ...
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