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How to eliminate relay buzzing when turning on and off

I'm using one of these relays to power some LED's using a trigger wire that outputs either 0V, 50mV, or 12V. The relay has a low voltage trigger setting that turns on when there is anything less than ...
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Adding second relay coil in parallel with the first one creates buzzing in the first

In my cargo trailer/camper conversion, I used a DPDP 120 VAC coil relay (JQX-62F-2X 80 Amp) to connect the breaker panel to shore power or to an inverter (for battery power source). The coil is ...
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Intermittent power supply voltage issue buzzing

I have a power supply for an eprom programmer that is supposed to output +30vdc +15vdc -15vdc +5vdc and it will start and work sometimes but most of the time now it fails to start or fails within a ...
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Ground loop hum with Class I/II connections

I've recently revived a pair of speakers by replacing the class D amp with a new separate module (plus a simple opamp active EQ) and keeping the stock SMPS which seems to be working fine. The unit is ...
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My UPS inverter is making treble noise

My home UPS is making noise mainly 19.5 kHz as shown in image while charging. It’s 7 years old now. Model is Sukam Falcon 800 Q. How to solve this issue?
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Kenwood transceiver output to amplifier buzzes when connected [closed]

My fire department uses a Kenwood TK690-H as a base radio. The system was used to (poorly) power 3 in ceiling speakers throughout the station. Recently, I rewired the paging system in the station with ...
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Need help eliminating microphone buzz on streaming setup [closed]

I have a streaming setup which I'd like to power by socket and not on battery packs. The problem is that as soon as I connect any devices to my camera this way (charger) I'm getting a buzz on my ...
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What’s the likely cause of ‘buzzing’ from this hi-fi speaker? [closed]

Something has happened to one of the drivers in my speaker and it’s now ‘buzzing’. (Our cleaners could have knocked the speaker over). There’s no obvious (to me) signs of damage having examined the ...
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Guitar Amp Humming (interference?)

So my amp worked perfectly fine in my old setup in another part of the house, but in my new setup it buzzes when I connect a cable, and with a guitar. I thought it was a grounding issue, but it didn't ...
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Audio Signal ground to earth ground?

I have a NAIM amp (some audio amp) working very well. Recently, added a ARCAM phono preamp (some pre-amp for turntable) to it. Once the phono preamp is connected to NAIM amp, there will be clear buzz ...
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