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C++ is a compiled general-purpose programming language that adds object-oriented features and other enhancements to the C language, which it is largely a superset of. It is popular for both embedded and PC software development.

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Is C++ suitable for embedded systems?

A common question, here and elsewhere. Is C++ suitable for embedded systems? Microcontrollers? RTOSes? Toasters? Embedded PCs? Is OOP useful on microcontrollers? Does C++ remove the programmer too ...
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Bug in Keil ARM compiler with interrupt handlers and C++?

I have a problem with writing interrupt handlers in Keil ARM compiler for LPC1114. When I write program in C++ and specify --cpp compiler option all code from interrupt handlers disappears, it is ...
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MCU programming - C++ O2 optimization breaks while loop

I know people says code optimization should only bring out the hidden bug in the program, but hear me out. I am staying on a screen, until some input via an interrupt is met. Here is what I see in ...
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Use PWM and ISR at same time on AVR

Is it possible to use AVR PWM outputs and ISR interrupts at the same time? I've got a project I'm trying to do on an ATMega328P and I need 3 PWM outputs but ALSO need to be able to use ISR interrupts ...
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Programming languages for electronics engineers

I am an Electronics and Communications Engineering student, before I got to college, I have been interested in programming and computer applications. I had focused on designing Windows applications ...
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STM32 interrupts and C++ don't go well together [duplicate]

I set up TIM3 to fire an interrupt in my project and it just wouldn't work. I tried everything I could and still couldn't find whats the problem. Then I created a clean project and copy/pasted only ...
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Can an ATmega or ATtiny device signature be read while running?

While programming an ATtiny or ATmega, avrdude prints the device signature, in this example it is an ATtiny. avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e910a Can I read this ...
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STM32 crashes when FreeRTOS project is converted to C++

I am experimenting with STM32F303RE Nucleo board on SW4STM32 with FreeRTOS v10.1.1 and I was thinking of parsing NMEA sentences by adding the characters to a buffer using UART interrupt and then ...
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2 answers

Memory management problems with ATTiny85

The setup is as follows: I have a little program to drive single color 8x8 led matrix using 595 shift registers that are supplied with data by ATTiny85 through USI as SPI Master. I upload program to ...
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How to read data from this sensor?

I am using the MLX90393 Magnetometer IC from Melexis. More specifically, I am using the breakout board by Sparkfun. I am still a beginner when it comes to programming, and this is my first time trying ...
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Implementing the Digilent EPP

I am trying to implement Digilent Parallel Interface from their SDK. You can specifically read up on the interface in this manual. I am using the Basys 2 250k board. I am trying to figure out what I ...
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