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Why do we need R1 in a non-inverting op-amp?

I am quite new to learning op-amps. What is the purpose of putting R1 there? Does this have any meaning in the design of a microphone amplifier? I read about this from another answer, which says that ...
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Human body communication, magnetic vs capacitive coupling

I am reading a paper by Park and Mercier called Magnetic Human Body Communication (2015). They are looking into human body communication techniques and compare magnetic human body communication (mHBC) ...
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2 answers

Implementation of a capacitive coupling circuit for power line communication (PLC)

Introduction: Hello everyone, I just wanted to see if there is anyone out there who is familiar with power line communication technology that can help me figure out what is wrong with my LTSpice ...
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how does AC coupling eliminate the ground current problem between data source and destination in FPD_Link II I/F?

Reading about FPD-Link II in Wikipedia, I came across this statement for which I need clarification: Because the signal is DC balanced the application can use AC coupling, which eliminates the ...
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Coupling an AC signal to a HV DC bias with a capacitor and OpAmp

Is it reasonable to float an AC signal on top of a HV DC bias with a HV Capacitor and low input bias current OpAmp? The idea is that a fixed frequency AC signal (~1V pk-pk) comes from the left, is ...
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Capacitive coupling for common mode rejection?

I'm not finding any information on this method, so I'm thinking that I must be missing something. I have a 5V single ended RRIO opamp that I need to measure BLDC motor current with. The motor is ...
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