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Use this tags for questions regarding European CE marking of electronics. This includes things like EMC, radio or environmental testing according to the applicable EU directives. Do not use this tag for questions regarding BJT common emitter - there's the common-emitter tag for that!

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Things to watch out when applying FCC CE

I have a Bluetooth remote control device that uses 2 AA batteries. Due to positive feedback and responses, I'm thinking to sell it to the mass market. Thus I need FCC certification. After reading many ...
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How do you determine whether your product requires CE marking?

I haven't been able to come across definitive information regarding the procedure to find out whether an electronics product (PCB) requires CE marking or not. Since it is difficult to ask ...
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How to find out which certificates (FCC, CE etc.) are necessary for a product?

Is there any way to find out which certificates are necessary for an electronic device to be sold / imported into US / Europe / Asia? FCC and CE are common knowledge, but then there are other ...
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What certification do you need to sell electronic device to US market?

Other than FCC and RoHS statement, what other certifications do you need to have in order to sell your product to US Market? My device is a remote control using Bluetooth Module. Operate using 4 x AA ...
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EMC testing of unenclosed PCB assembly

What is the most common practice in performing EMC tests for PCB assemblies that will be sold without a housing? In my case it is an FPGA development board. Is it possible to design excessive ...
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How do I cycle a WiFi transmitter through all modes, for FCC intentional radiator EMC testing?

I'm integrating a WiFi/Bluetooth module into a consumer product, however the module does not have a modular grant, will not have a modular grant, and is anyway getting paired with a unique internal ...
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At what point does the responsibility of the manufacturer end with regards to FCC/CE testing?

I'm curious as to when the responsibility of a manufacturer ends when dealing with emissions and RF testing, part of FCC and CE tests. I repair TVs as a hobby and as business. I got a TV in from ...
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Is RoHS and EMC compliance enough for a 24V industrial sensor to carry CE Mark?

My company is planning to produce a fork sensor (example). Before starting design, I looked up EU Directives to find if there are any electrical requirements for product safety. First stop was Low ...
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CE certification of a system containing only ROHS and CE compliant parts

As I understand it, if I am self-certifying a device, I can prove my device is compliant by testing or design. I will be assembling the device using a collection of CE and ROHS compliant components - ...
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886MHz ETSI duty-cycle requirement

We are designing a 868MHz keyfob, which is transmitting in a band with a 1% duty-cycle limit. According to the ETSI EN 300 220-1 standard section 5.4, the duty-cycle should be measured for a period ...
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Is my simple atmega2560 based product exempt from EMC testing?

I have designed a product that is essentially a USB HID device for a computer game. It consists of several on off switches and 5v servos run by an atmega2560, all sealed and enclosed in a plastic case....
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ESD protection for power input with several fused branches

I'm designing an industrial board that will be powered with a +24V DC. On the PCB there are several fuses to protect each branch against over-current/short-circuit. Example: simulate this circuit &...
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