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Why would an IV characteristic plot for a diode be linear and not exponential?

I was curious about the IV plot for a diode. My professor, and the internet, said it should "skyrocket" AKA be exponential after the knee voltage or forward voltage is met. So, I took the ...
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Why my Common mode choke with 2 turns showing multiple Peaks in the graph?

I analyzed the CMC choke by Wurth Electronics (part no: 744830039080) using VNA and obtained the insertion loss for both common mode and differential mode. The graphs match with the datasheet: While ...
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How do you characterize the noise in a fluid velocity measurement device?

I have designed and built a measurement device that detects the velocity of a fluid flow (a constant-temperature anemometer). I wanted to experimentally characterize the noise performance of the ...
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Knowing the transfer function of a system and the output, how can I get the input?

I have a system composed by k-thermocouple + metal handpiece, the thermocouple is drowned into the handpiece. If I manage to estimate a transfer function of the system so-made, for example trough ...
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How can I characterize this voltage source?

This is my first attempt at trying to characterize a voltage source. The voltage source is a 99.8% magnesium rod (10mm diam., 160mm in length) its length wrapped by paper 1mm in thickness then its ...
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Recommended Fixture for a 10 MHz to 40 GHz S-Parameter Collection

I would like to characterize a range of SMD and TH components in order to show how different components have different parasitic elements that must be accounted for as frequency increases. I would ...
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