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Should chassis ground be attached to digital ground?

I'm working on a PCB that has shielded RJ45 (ethernet), RS232, and USB connectors, and is powered by a 12V AC/DC brick power adapter (I do the 5V and 3.3V step down on board). The entire design is ...
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Is it better to connect ESD (TVS) Diodes to chassis ground or signal ground?

Application: We have a PCBA inside a vehicle's embedded system. The PCBA receives DC voltages from a power input connector. We do have access to signal ground aka 5V_return at the power connector and ...
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What do I do with the extra "ground chassis" tab on a DC power jack?

Product Link Datasheet I have about fifteen 9v wall warts within specs for the circuit; I'm going to use the one that fits the jack. There are three solder tabs on the jack. One for the positive tip,...
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Grounding the chassis with capacitor

My question involves chassis grounding to earth ground. My PCB circuit is a simple signal generator using a microcontroller. It has a separate 'ground' from earth ground, supplied by a floating 5VDC ...
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Proper Chassis Grounding

I'm starting to design things that run off mains voltage and I want to be sure that I have a proper connection from my chassis to earth ground. I've been reading a bit about proper grounding and have ...
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DMX chassis(?) pin?

I want to recreate this circuit (only show a small relevant portion): And my XLR plug for input (K2) looks like this: I found a reference how to connect K2, +, - and GND to the correct pins of the ...
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