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Wire gauge to connect to chassis in van

I'm building an AC electrical system for my van conversion and I'd like to know if there's a minimum wire gauge I should use to connect my negative bus bar to my van's chassis. Specs: I'm running a ...
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Decoupling Positive and Negative to Earth and Chassis Connection Layout

Very stupid question but I need to ask. I'm doing the following. The two capacitors are supposed to be used for balancing the impedance to a common ground so that the common mode noise can be reduced. ...
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Chassis and digital ground in an eight layer PC motherboard

I have GNDC (chassis GND) and GND (digital GND) on my PC motherboard design. All connectors in my design (RJ45, USB-TypeC, USB-TypeA, HDMI, DP, etc.) are connected to the chassis through the GNDC ...
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Correct configuration for adding an earth terminal block?

I have a small motor controller test board setup like the diagram below: A few loads such as a motor controller, and some switches are connected to the live and neutral terminal blocks for power. ...
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