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What check can Ι perform to verify that a load cell is operating properly?

About five years ago I was tasked to develop the software for a small custom made testing machine (everything is custom-made from frame, to the measuring system). Last year, I was volunteered to &...
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eagle schematic check [closed]

I will do basic IOT project with esp-wroom-32. but I am machanical student. I need to help please check my design. my component: - esp-wroom-32 - button - pad-resistor - locig level converter - ...
2 votes
1 answer

What should be on a DVT (Design Verification Test) checklist?

Despite doing a Google search and finding this from Avanthon Engineering (link now dead, see, I haven't found a good checklist. Theirs is more for board bring up than making sure a ...
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8 answers

After the PCB is designed, what do I need to check in the Gerber files?

As and after the PCB is designed, I check it using the native CAD tools. What do I need to check to make sure the generated Gerber files are ok?
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3 answers

Good checklist for PCB design to be used by the EE (not by the PCB designer)

I don't do my own CAD work. I have a mental checklist of what to look for when the PCB is placed, critical routed and routed. But is there a good checklist you have or can point me to? I'm not ...
17 votes
3 answers

Good schematic checklist

I'm looking for a good schematic capture checklist to use when reviewing schematics. This is for the usual issues such as check that you don't have similar but different nets (e.g. GND and GROUND) ...