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Power supplies with or without 'COM' and without ground port at all

This is probably something really simple, but I wasn't able to find the answer yet. I've been using a power supply with both COM and earth ground, like the first image below. To power an op-amp, I ...
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Can a 6 volt positive ground system share a common chassis ground with a 12 volt negative grd

I am working on an antique car that has a 6 volt positive ground electrical system with the exception of the fuel gauge which is a 12 volt negative ground. Currently the car has a voltage converter ...
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Split Common Neutral for DC Current

I have a motorcycle headlamp that I am lighting outside of a motorcycle. It's a stage prop, I have the front end of a motorcycle built as my microphone stand. The bulb has hard set 3 terminals, two ...
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Confusion on common node in a circuit

I am a bit confused related to the concept of common node in a circuit. I know that all voltages are measured with reference to this node. But here's the problem : I have some big circuit, ...
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Common vs. ground

I've been trained to use the word ground and the ground symbol to refer to the earth, the dirt on which we stand. Circuit common is considered to be a separate concept, with the symbol . My ...
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