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Cirrus Logic, a supplier of high-precision analog and digital signal processing components

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Grounded ADC pins on the CS4272-CZZR producing horrible noise?

I am currently busy with an audio processing project that requires 4 output channels. I have a Nucleo F303RE running some digital filtering on audio data, which is being read by one of the two CS4272s ...
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CS8406 Audio Interface (I2S->I2C)

I'm attempting to interface a MEMS Microphone with an ESP32 through a CS8406. I am aware that the ESP32 has a well-documented I2S hardware interface however for my project I cannot use it. (It's going ...
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Cirrus Logic CS4334 DAC Low Pass Filter?

I have a Cirrus Logic CS4334 audio DAC chip working (datasheet here). One thing that confuses me is the "typical connection diagram" circuitry from the datasheet shown below. In my ...
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How can I know the voltage input range of the CS5344 ADC?

I see that this ADC has a built in voltage reference, therefore I wont have to bias my audio signal as it goes into the ADC input. The thing that confuses me is however the full-scale input voltage ...
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Make outputs single ended on CS4234

I am working with the CS4234 codec for a project It has 4 ADCs and 5DACs. One thing that is confusing me is that the pins are labled AOUT1- and AOUT1+ in the similar fashion for all ADCs and DACs. ...
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CS4234 has two I2S data I/O lines?

I have an application where I'll be sending audio data to a codec. The CS4234 fits my needs very well, although with other I2S codecs, there have only been one data in line for the communication. The ...
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