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Common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) is the measure of rejection by the device of unwanted input signals common to both input leads, relative to the wanted difference signal.

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First principles modeling of op amp CMRR

Introduction I'm trying to analyze an op amp circuit from first principles (i.e. without using the two rules of ideal op amp analysis -- virtual short circuit and infinite input impedance). The ...
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What are the IEC standards/certifications to look for in a DSO while making measurements pertaining analog parameters like CMRR, SNR, THD etc

I am in the process of measuring CMRR for our mixed signal system that deals with bio-signal acquisition. I am using DSOX2014A keysight entry-level oscilloscope to make measurement to derive CMRR, SNR ...
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Common mode choke to boost cmrr of transformer input

I was wondering, can a common mode choke be used to enhance the CMRR of a transformer coupled amplifier Even further? What are the drawbacks?
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Test to determine the CMRR in a measurement device with 4-20mA input

I would like to measure the CMRR on a measuring instrument for 4-20mA current loops. The goal is to measure the CMRR of the entire system, not just the amplifier. That is, the relationship between the ...
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Is this set up to measure CMRR correct?

Is this set up to measure CMRR correct? Why did he not consider \$V_{out}/2\$ in his derivation? Also is there any reason to use plus-minus sign ± for the gain? ...
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Capacitor Array Tolerance of Caps in Same Package

Consider an MLCC capacitor array like CA064X471J5GACTU. Its tolerance is 5% but does this apply to capacitors within the same package? More specifically, I am wondering if the tolerance of caps within ...
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How calculate the error offset or the noise threshold for MyoWare and FSR sensors?

I am working on EMG and FMG signals to extract time domine features and i need a threshold value for some features. I must calculate it from the characteristics of MyoWare and FSR sensors.For the ...
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How do I find CMRR?

How do I find the common-mode rejection ratio, CMRR for this circuit? I know I have to find differential gain and common-mode gain as 'differential mode gain/commonmode gain' but with current mirrors ...
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