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Getting UVC germicide lamps to work

I recently bought four UVC lamps from Aliexpress Shopping Website. The UVC look exactly like the one at the link below:
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Repurposing CFL ballast for different bulb (UVC)

I am attempting to repurpose the (electronic) ballast contained within a CFL lamp to power a UV-C bulb (mercury discharge, uncoated tube) for disinfection purpose, and out of general interest in ...
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Light bulb LED equivalent of a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)

If I have a CFL light bulb of 100W what would be (how many watts ) its equivalent in LED. In the place where I live LEDs have taken over and CFLs are no longer available, but I need stron bright ...
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compact fluorescent lamp noise on digital signals

The answers to this question about CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) in an electronics lab indicate there is some concern about the presence of electronic ballasts and CFLs in connection to radio and ...
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Sign on range hood light switch says "incandescent or resistive 120V AC Only"; does this mean no CFL or LED?

The switch includes a standard-looking rheostat; I have read the issues around using dimmer switches with conventional CFSs. I don't value the "dimmer" function on the hood -- just want to see the ...
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What makes compact florescent lamp wear out so fast?

I notice that a compact florescent lamps (CFL) wear out faster than its lifetime. My personal experiment was on 15 watt / 220 V / 50-60 Hz / 690 Lumen spiral lamp. Its rated lifetime is 8000 hours (...
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Why does compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) save more energy?

I read information about fluorescent lamp and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) but I still don't understand why CFL saves energy and produce the same amount of light? Maybe the electronic ballast ...
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Using a CFL ballast to power 9W UV tubes

I would like to build a low-cost home UV exposure box for PCB manufacturing. Recently my attention was brought to these dirt cheap UV bulbs which are used in manicure drying lamps. I have the ballast ...
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Light bulb labelling

I have two (supposedly CFL) E27 light bulbs with similar but different labels: 13W 665lm 8.000H 2700K 230V~50/60Hz 110mA 15W 10.000H 805lm 230V~50/60Hz 118mA Given that 230V is effective voltage, my ...
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How do Instant-On CFLs work?

ProLume makes CFLs. I can't tell a difference between them and incandescents, and I'm pretty picky about this. I'm sure there is some 2 minute window where the light produced increases, but the point ...
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Is there anything besides power factor that determines the max CFL that can be used in a socket compared to the max incandescent for that socket?

When shopping for lamps recently, I've noticed that the sticker on the socket says something along the lines of "To reduce risk of fire, use maximum 60 watt incandescent or 13 watt compact fluorescent....
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Improvized small aquarium lighting

I have a small aquarium that has been illuminated so far by a 15W fluorescent lamp. The problem is that the ballast has broken (melted) after 2 years of use, and the only replacements I could find on ...
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How To Calculate Fluorescent To Incandescent Wattage? [closed]

This is simple mathematical question but I cannot figure it out: Compact fluorescent lamps consume 75% less wattage and still deliver equal power of incandescent lamp. If 15W compact fluorescent lamp ...
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Compact Fluorescent Lamp Load Calculations

I help build/wire up large illuminated carnival/parade floats, and in the past we have used around 11,000 40w/60w GLS BC light bulbs in festoon sockets, powered by a 800KVA 3 phase diesel generator. ...
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Electronic Drivers for Fluorescent Lamps: How is the DC-to-AC Conversion done?

Pretty much all (somewhat inaccurately named) electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps run off a DC voltage and have to convert it into AC to operate the lamp. The DC supply can come from rectified ...
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What is the use of transformers with 3 pairs of wires?

I found a device which has a ferrite core and 3 coils on it. It looks like some type of transformer. What would be its use? I found it in a compact fluorescent lamp.
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