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Which kinds of embedded platforms can be considered well-suited for acquiring a general taste of interrupts? [closed]

I'm an application programmer without much knowledge in low-level programming. I've set up a basic toolchain for assembly programming with the ATMega328P on an Arduino Uno R3 board. One of my aims is ...
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Switching multiple I/O lines to one of two ports using one button?

I'm trying to design a switch box so that I can connect one input device (a Thrustmaster TH8A shifter for sim-racing) to two different outputs, with a single switch to change between them. I have a ...
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Voltage source on both sides of a transformer

What will happen if we apply voltage sources (AC) on both the primary and secondary side of a transformer? How will the coil and the flux produced inside it behave?
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How can one quantify how fast the phase of a periodic signal is changing?

For a periodic signal, we use Hertz, or the number of cycles per second, to quantify how fast its values are changing. However, how can we quantify how fast the phase of a periodic signal is changing? ...
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Conceptual question regarding the Laplace transformation

In preparation for an exam in linear signals and system my instructed handed us a couple of conceptual questions that should prepare us. I ran into the following: Which statements regarding the ...
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Buck converter without oscillator?

I apologise for the attached picture, I just made sure everything is readable so you can assist. So I'm wondering if this is a logical idea, if 12 volts is supplied, to the circuit, as the capacitor ...
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Why passive component has better drift characteristics than active components had?

I came across this paragraph in the classic reference Op Amps For Everyone by Ron Mancini where it says on the first page: Many attempts has been made to make a stable amplifier, but temperature ...
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Why doesn't wireless transmission and reception require a common reference voltage

so I have been struggling with this for a while now. I have tried to search for the answer but haven't succeeded yet. Here is how it goes: If we take USART as an example for wired communication ...
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Problem with understanding EPROMs and how they're written to

I've got a problem understanding how an EPROM (UV-erasable) works. This question may seem very dumb, but what would happen, if I just try to write contents to an EPROM, which has already been written ...
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How to use Ebers-Moll equation to calculate collector current?

The Ebers-Moll equation is given by:$$I_C = I_S(T) * (e^{V_{BE}/V_T})$$ where \$V_T\$ = \$kT/q\$ = 25.3mV at room temperature. In TAOE (2.3.1), it mentioned \$I_S(T)\$ is the saturation current of ...
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