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Variance in winding a toroid

I'm building a filter from a kit with some given (microscopic pre-soldered SMT) capacitors and 2 toroids. It looks like the notch frequency is a bit too low with 10 wire turns around a T37-2 iron ...
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Question about Disconnect Switches

I'm looking at an electrical construction drawing and I just keep forgetting what the disconnect switch notations mean. Refer to the attached image. This is what I'm assuming: the number in the first ...
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11 votes
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Soviet-era mounting techniques to absorb vibration (THT components)

This question is about a historical point of view. I was watching this video about a Soviet-era dialer. As many Russian devices of that time, the construction is simple and in some aspects strange (...
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How do I improve a simple home-made capacitor?

I was explaining to my son that a capacitor is simply 2 sheets of foil separated by a dielectric and rolled up and he said, "can we make one then?" I'm giving it a go. I used household ...
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Mechanical construction of PCB. What is between the layers?

I came across an answer about the construction of a multilayer board. It included an image showing the mechanical construction of a board (see image 1.) This prompted me to think of the actual ...
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Where to find winding diagram for a 56 pole 63 slot BLDC motor?

I'm working on an algorithm to control a BLDC motor with 56 poles and 63 slots. I'm using trapezoidal control. By employing usual switching sequence (CA - CB - AB - AC - BC BA) I'm missing one step in ...
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Experimental low-pass filter construction using a NanoVNA?

Suppose I wanted to construct a no-solder plug-board or rats-nest low-pass filter for VHF frequencies, but without the "proper" circuit substrates, design software, or test equipment. Could ...
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