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How does this HF 'coupler' work?

I came across this coupler design in this link in another question. It's designed to be used to couple a small monitoring amount of signal off a 1 kW HF (3 MHz to 30 MHz) signal on a through line. ...
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Bidirectional Coupler from Directional Couplers

new to RF engineering. I want to build a wideband bi-directional coupler because commercial ones are quite expensive. I decided to build one from two wideband directional couplers (SEDC-10-63+). ...
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How do I calculate insertion loss for a dual input receiver?

Typically my test setup consists of: Antenna->Antenna Feed Cable->switches->Filter->LNA->Spec An feed Cable->Spec An I calibrate the cable loss by simply getting the S21 (S1 ...
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How can I identify this microwave circuit?

I found this microwave circuit from e-bay but cannot identify what this circuit is doing. I am asking this question since I found the same circuit from the sampling scope that I was tearing down in ...
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90° hybrid coupler (Quarter-wave branch line hybrid)

according to "Foundations for Microwave Engineering" by Robert E. Collin, Lumped Element Quadrature Hybrids" by D. Andrews and several others this is what a Quarter-wave branch line ...
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Coupled line hybrid coupler parameters

I am designing a coupled line hybrid coupler as a part of of term evaluation at my university. So from my conceptual understanding here coupled line hybrid coupler implies a coupled line coupler with ...
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Dual directional coupler schematic?

I am new to microwaves. I am trying to design a dual directional coupler using ADS software, but researching dual directional coupler isn't working; all that's showing is directional couplers and bi-...
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Can a wifi device be inductively coupled to its remote antenna?

I’m developing an electronics device that will be towed underwater and which needs to transmit data to the surface. Since RF works poorly underwater, I’m tying to extend the underwater device’s Wi-...
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DIY USB-C Coupler with two receptacles

I need to create a USB-C coupler that connects two USB-C cables, passes the data from one to another while splitting out the USB 2.0 signal from the incoming USB-C plug to an additional receptacle or ...
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Nonideal RF coupler model, admittance matrix in QUCS simulation

I'm trying to simulate a nonideal directional coupler in QUCS. Unfortunately, the only model available is the ideal one without taking into account the isolation or insertion loss values. Initially, I ...
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Why do RF hybrid coupler opposite ports cancel?

I am reading "Practical Radio Frequency Test & Measurement A Technician's Handbook." by Joseph J. Carr. The book states on page 36 (screenshots are attached) that "The one general ...
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Single Section Branch Line Coupler at 73 GHz

SE, I am having trouble making sense of my simulation charts for a branch-line coupler tuned to 73.5 GHz. I followed Keysight's tutorial given by the link below.
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What determines branchline coupler bandwidth?

I'm interested in phase shifters and their applications to the antennas. Generally I found a 90 degree branchline coupler to provide necessary shift. But I wonder what determines their bandwidth. Take ...
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Trying to draw the schematic for a power divider circuit

I want to draw both the schematic and layout for the following power divider circuit using microstrip lines in ADS. First of all I want to see if my schematic agrees well with theoretical results at ...
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Please help me solve the below Directional coupler problem

I have tried and my answer keep coming 0db.I am not sure this answer is right as this is only kind of problem I have seen where port is short circuited.
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Couplers and dividers as baluns

Can every divider and coupler that provides 3dB amplitude divison and 180 degrees phase difference be used as balun? Rat race coupler and lange coupler provide the two conditions mentioned above. ...
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What is this "reversed" connector called?

Looking at this power connector, what is its name? It's kind of a "reversed" form of the standard IEC 603 C7/C8 coupler. Also, what could be the rationale of the manufacturer not to use the standard ...
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How does this coupler work?

I've bought a few 50MHz-6GHz directional couplers (SEDC-10-63+,) each for 75$. Here is a picture of this expensive coupler: Unfortunately one of these couplers was not working from the beginning so I ...
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