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Combine DC sweep with time analysis?

I am working on LTSpice on a project which consists in transferring energy from a PV panel to a load through a transformer, using a controlled bridge at the primary and a diode rectifier at the ...
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Photodiode amplifier circuit for VBP104FAS sensor

I am trying to create a photodiode circuit for this sensor so that I can connect its output to a microcontroller. I am following the document: for my ...
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Using .MEASURE on DC sweeps in LTspice

How can I .MEASURE at what input voltage a certain current occurs when doing a DC sweep in LTSpice? For instance, consider the following situation: I was hoping to ...
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h bridge motor circuit on LT specie

I've been working on a project where i'm building a h bridge motor circuit i have easily spent 15 hours on it and have made extremely slow progress on it in the last 3 days. The project sheet is seen ...
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NPN circuit (breadboard)

What does this NPN BJT circuit represent, is it a switch or just a PN diode, and what should this plot look like when we sweep the value of Vbe, and why?
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Is it possible for any circuit to independently make its own trigger, sweep or oscillation without the aid of an AC sine wave?

Even a Schmidt trigger, attributed to being able to create the start of an oscillating circuit, has to get its start from an AC sine wave. It seems that no amount of tubes or transistors can ...
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Good free simulator for dc sweep

I need to do a DC sweep of a circuit involving a NMOS, but my version of Multisim doesn't have that option. Which free simulator would you recommend for a DC sweep?
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Voltage sweep circuit for non-linear voltage source

I am in a need of a simple circuit for sweeping a voltage of a solar cell and measuring the current. I started with a simple voltage regulator, such as this one: and adjusted it so it would work ...
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dc sweep convergence issue for cmos inverter

I am having some convergence issue with DC sweep for a CMOS inverter. To duplicate the exact issue, see the following log as well as the attached netlist files, together with modelcard.nmos and ...
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If a sweep generator gets up to 20 GHz, Is it possible they only mean pulsed DC rather than AC?

I'm looking at a Wavetek model 8911 10 MHz-20 GHz Programmable Sweep Generator, It says it gets up to 20 gigahertz, but is it possible that it only generates pulsed DC at that frequency as an excuse ...
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Can an electronic device continuously sweep the voltage?

Modern power supplies can sweep the potential in a given range with a specific rate. I am curious if the electronic devices can continuously sweep the voltage (in a perfect sense) or it is just step-...
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SPICE .DC LIN sweep directive w/ variables for START, END, and INCREMENT args

According to most of the SPICE references I've read, the form of the .DC sweep directive is ...
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