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A direct digital synthesizer (DDS) creates waveforms from a single frequency reference clock. Typically the reference frequency is fed into a numerically controlled oscillator (NCO) that controls the final frequency and waveform type from where the quantized digital data is converted to analog using a digital to analog converter (DAC).

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Strange noise on DDS

I have built an FPGA based DDS (fc=200MHz. out: 0-50 or 0-80 MHz) . I have a decent DAC output wave and now trying to build an appropriate filter for it ( Fig-1 ). The filter works rather fine but ...
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Driving 50W-250W ultrasonic transducers with sine: Any Class B 135KHz monolithic power amp ICs?

My project needs to drive a medium power ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer from a sine wave (/ sawtooth) sweep generator that sweeps +/- 2% of the transducer resonant frequency. The question: What ...
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What kind of effects does a relay have on signals?

Currently I'm working on a DDS based function generator. The idea is to use an AD9834 chip that will generate a triangle/sine or square wave. With some amplification electronics I want a configurable ...
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Sawtooth/ramp waves with fixed amplitude from sine or square clock source?

I hope someone can help me out! A bit of background info: I have created a DDS based signal generator (Using PIC MCU to drive a AD9833 for DDS output). The generator is capable to produce sine, ...
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sine wave in FPGA

I am supposed to generate a sine wave in cyclone 2 altera? I get that I have to store the values in LUT or some memory. I think cyclone 2 uses a 4 input LUT. I am not sure how I should go on with the ...
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DDS example of a reference tone's frequency muliplied by 12000 to generate a master clock

A free project RAM Platter Hybrid aims to generate a master clock from a tone which is 12000 times lower in frequency. The reference tone is 1 kHz at its central frequency. It will have a minimum of 0 ...
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