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Do all SMPS ICs have an internal dead-time for the MOSFETs, specifically the LTC7878?

I am trying to improve myself in power electronics and currently trying to build a Buck-Boost converter. I chose LTC7878 for this purpose since it meets my requirements. My issue is that while I am ...
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Controlling logic gate and dead time for H-bridge MOSFETs

I intend to make an H-bridge driver for a 36v DC motor that can control with 3 MCU pins (Enable, PWM, Direction), Regarding my research, there are three options to drive the H MOSFETs; One using the ...
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How to understand the minimum operating time of motor drive?

When researching PWM control of brushed motors, I noticed that the motor drive data sheets usually have the following time descriptions. ...
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Push-pull and flyback converter topologies dead time confusion

I am having a slight confusion regarding the flow of the currents in the push-pull and full-bridge during the dead time. Considering a push-pull converter during the ON and dead time. Image Link In ...
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Skew in half-bridge dead time generator in LMG5200EVM

The eval board for the GaN half bridge module LMG5200 (datasheet) contains the following circuit to generate dead time from a single PWM input. The half-bridge module itself has good propagation ...
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Dead Time Insertion BLDC motor control

I'm trying to build my own BLDC motor controller. I'm wondering if I really have to implement dead time between switching the high- and low-side FETs. My switching frequency is 30 kHz, my motor is 5 ...
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