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USB 3.0 Debug Cable with a Type-A To Type-C Adapter

I know that the USB 3.0 Debug Cable is just a standard USB 3.0 without the 5V supply line (VBUS). I have a USB 3.0 Debug Cable Type-A to Type-A (in particular this one: USB 3.0 Debug Cable). I need to ...
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What Is the Best Way to Debug an AVR Microcontroller Using the Command Line?

My AVR programming method is usually as follows: compile the source code with avr-gcc: ...
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5 answers

STM32 (SWD) printf not working

I'm new using STM32 microcontrollers. I have been trying to use the printf tracing in my code without success, nothing is printed on the console. I can start a debug session, I can place breakpoints ...
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atmega16u2 debugwire and usb device

I am writing some firmware for the atmega16u2 and have noticed that the usb device hardware does not work correctly if debugwire is enabled. The usb device does not enumerate. Disabling debugwire ...
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2 answers

Barebone ATSAMD11D14 not responding

I wire up this schematic on my breadboard. I've verified that the 3V3 LDO is working. Atmel Studio on my Windows machine can see the Atmel ICE. The simple blink compiles fine too. However, I cannot ...
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10 votes
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NRF52 Debug Connection - GndDetect and VTRef

I'm currently in the process of laying out a debug connector for an nRF52 chip. I'm planning on using the IDAP-Link. Most of the pins are pretty straight forward to connect (ie: for SWDIO I simply ...
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avr-gdb doesn't stop at breakpoint

I'm trying to debug code on an 8 bit AVR microcontroller (Atmega328P) via debugWIRE using AVaRICE, avr-gdb and the JTAGICEmkII debugger. I'm doing the following steps: Compile the code with ...
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2 answers

physically deinstall/access phone/tablet internal memory

i've never seen the circuits inside of a smartphone or a tablet . please tell me how the memory chip is installed ? Here by "memory" i mean the non-volatile storage aka. rom . i guess that we can ...
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8 votes
2 answers

AVR debugwire in Linux

So, I have hooked up a ATtiny88, and am programming it with the Dragon AVR using ISP. I have also set up the build toolchain, using avrdude, and the gnu avr tools. Everything is working great. Now I ...
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JTAG debugging AVR

Can anyone advise what hardware and software is required for debugging AVR in circuits?
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