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MSP430FR6989 ADC Voltmeter

I am working on a project that converts a ADC signal to display a voltage on my BoosterPack Mk II. My code is working however I would like to display decimal places of the voltage it is reading. Any ...
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Combinational Circuit: How can 2.5 and 3.5 be represented in a 3-bit truth table?

Design of a combinational circuit with 3 inputs, x, y, z, and 3 outputs, A, B, C. When binary input is 0, 1, 2, or 3, the binary output is twice the input. When binary input is 4, 5, 6, or 7, binary ...
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Can BCD and binary multipliers share circuitry?

Suppose you are implementing a BCD multiplier. Google says there are reasonably efficient known circuits for this. Say 8x8 -> 16 digits, and trying for a reasonable compromise between speed and ...
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The minimum (negative) value of the exponent in decimal

I am learning computer architecture and organization. I am stuck in the following question. Can someone please help me? For a floating-point representation with 35 bits in the mantissa and 15 bits in ...
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32 bit to 7 segment display (FPGA)

After some research, I think I have quite a problem on my hands. I have a project on an FPGA where I store a 32 bit binary value in a 32 bit memory register. The stored value ranges from 0 to 4000 in ...
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How do computers understand decimal numbers?

Computers calculate numbers in 0s and 1s. A bit can be either but not in between. So if you enter 3/2 into a calculator, it should return either 1 or 2, right? Wrong! It gives you 1.5, the correct ...
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How many logic gates does it take to implement base-100 addition?

I'm curious about the trade-offs that have been made in implementing different kinds of arithmetic in different models of computers, to which I'm trying to understand what the costs of various options ...
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Binary Data encoding and decoding format

I am trying to understand what is the meaning of this data coding format as shown in the following image. It is not simple binary to decimal conversion. Can anyone tell how this conversion formula ...
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Confused with the effect number of decimals at the output of transducer

There is an ultrasonic device which measures and outputs both wind speed and direction and has a very long manual. But to keep it short and summarize, the accuracy and the resolution for the wind ...
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Is it possible to make a circuit that can convert binary to decimal?

I know that computers use binary to calculate instructions and perform tasks. But essentially no one I know can convert binary to decimal. I am working on a calculator project currently, and the ...
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What is smallest addressable value in an octal number called?

In a binary number, the smallest addressable value is called as a bit. In a decimal number, the smallest addressable value is called as a digit. In an octal number, what is the smallest addressable ...
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Decimal addition using a different BCD WEIGHTED CODING

The problem that I'm having trouble in understanding is how the addition of two decimal numbers such as 17 + 4 can be represented using the weighted BCD CODE, [7 4 -2 -1] and binary addition ...
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VHDL initialize vector using readable integers not long binary string

So I am only starting out my VHDL journey. One thing I am finding a bit of a nuisance is the following format: signal sig_A : unsigned (3 downto 0) := "0101"; ...
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