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Is power supply making clicking noise safe to use?

I have 12 V power supply (one of these you can find with most laptops and other hardware) with current rating of maybe 2A. When it is loaded, it works and it is silent, but when the load draws small ...
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Problem with SMPS input

I had this Chinese adjustable 2 kW SMPS (0-24 V and up to 60 A) for few years now and everything was fine with it, but recently it let some smoke out and blew a fuse, it could still be turned on and ...
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Derive voltage of LED array?

I'm trying to diagnose a faulty builder's worklight. It has a single board, a 8.4V battery, an external 8.4V DC input, and a LED Panel. What voltage would you expect at the LED panel? I'm measuring 8....
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Are UDS and OBD protocols in AUTOSAR software or hardware protocols?

Are UDS and OBD protocols in AUTOSAR software or hardware protocols ? I mean are they built upon other fundamental standard protocols like CAN for example or they are independent protocols with ...
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ITS724G diagnostic

We are using two ITS724G devices from Infineon in one of our designs. We are now struggling with the diagnostic function and want to check if someone else have had the same problem and maybe have a ...
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100Hz noise at hi-fi amplifier tone control after servicing power supply

I have an old Revox B780 HIFI amplifier / radio tuner. It was working perfectly fine except that it could not longer automatically search for radio stations and lost its memory of stored stations ...
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What pins in Radar ECU and Camera ECU should be detected for OC, STG, and STB faults and why?

A typical Electronic Control Unit(ECU) performs Open Circuit(OC), Short to Ground(STG), and Short to Battery(STB) Diagnostics on selected internal and external pins in the ECU. For example, consider a ...
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Testing 16K SRAM in TL866 II Plus?

I have a GoldStar GM76C28A-10 16K (2048 x 8) SRAM DIP chip that I want to test in my TL866 II Plus. I don't see this chip in the list of known chips in the Xgpro v11.60 software and none of the "...
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Is asymmetric insulation resistance a sign of AC appliance failure?

I tracked down an AC appliance (a dishwasher) which started tripping my home current circuit breaker (RCD). I happen to have a professional insulation resistance meter and I was able to measure about ...
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Diagnosing dead soldering-iron

My soldering iron was working fine for a few years. One day, I used it and it worked fine again, then I unplugged it then tried to use it again a couple of hours later but it wouldn't heat up. I took ...
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