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Is it possible to send data through I2C with TIM without CPU interrupt and just DMA Interrupt

Because I've seen HAL_TIM_Base_DMA_START() in the STM32F7 HAL timer library, I though maybe it is possible to, for example, call HAL_TIM_Base_DMA_START() and timer continually requesting DMA to ...
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2 answers

What is the difference between three phase current and direct current?

I am currently reading about three phase current and its advantages. One of these advantages is that the voltage of a balanced three phase system will be constant, \$ V_{AN}(j\omega) + V_{BN}(j\omega) ...
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Connect IR sensor switch to light up and turn fan on when detecting human

I want my store room light and fan to turn on or off automatically as people enter or leave the room. My current setup in the store room is a lighting control on off by the normal switch. For the ...
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3 answers

Bypass start button on bladeless fan to make fan start when power on

I have a fan that I want it to turn on immediately when power on. The fan is currently wired through an on/off switch which also included a switch for a motor that operated the oscillation of the fan. ...
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DOB IC not working

i am designing DOB LED light using IC CYT1000AEG. it is simple circuit only current sense resistor and one capacitor for buffer effect. my rsense value is 28ohm for 20mA current and LED is 3 nos in ...
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2 answers

Sizing a motor for a conveyor

There is a plethora of information on motor sizing on the internet discussing the rated voltage, current, torque and power of the motor, and how these parameters should be selected based on the load ...
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1 answer

Bypass button press on fan for direct power on when plugged in

I have a fan that I want to plug into a thermostatically controlled power outlet so that the fan comes on when the temperature reading reaches a certain set point. The fan is currently wired through ...
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1 answer

Altium designer direct connect on high power components

I'm designing a board which I'll solder it by hand. In order to do soldering much easier I believe that many components need to be connected through relief connect to their adjacent polygon pour. ...
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