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How to open hermetic TO packages?

I would like to open a TO-18 can to look at die-bonding/heatsinking and do some electrical experiments with increased airflow. Is there a non-destructive way to do this? My only thought is to drill a ...
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Electronics take-apart student activity

We're planning a (6th-8th grade) student take-apart day, with small non-functioning items like hair dryers, clock radios, coffee makers, etc. (no microwaves, TVs, monitors.) Even though items have not ...
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I would like to disassemble a dvd player. Is it safe?

I want to do it for a "framed tech" project, it has been lying around in my basement for about 1 year. Now, on the back of the device, there is a sign "do not dissasemble, high voltage&...
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Which cells to cut from the battery pack first?

I have disassembled an 18650 e-bike battery pack and have removed its BMS. I am looking to salvage the cells. I now have the battery pack looking like so: My question is whether it matters which ...
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How to disconnect this kind of cable connector?

I'm trying to disassemble a part of my washing machine to clean it, but I'm struggling removing a white plastic cable connector. Here's a picture of it I've tried removing it by twisting it, and with ...
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Tracking Down Compiled Binary Output Differences

I have a program compiled using AVR-GCC. I'm getting a small difference in the HEX files generated on two different computers that are ostensibly set up with the same environments. I also have an ELF ...
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AVR-GCC initialization code

Consider the following asm.S .global main main: rjmp main Compile and dump it with these commands: ...
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Remove glass top from a TO can packaged VCSEL

I have a VCSEL packaged in a TO-46 can (image here / datasheet with package dimensions). I need to remove the glass top – with or without the silver-coloured cylinder – without damaging the laser ...
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While loop instructions in pic disassemby not clear

In an efford to save space I try to reduce the generated C code with inline asm(""); Looking at the original disassembly and good working code I do not understand line 0x17E4. void MENU_BUTTON(...
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