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What prevents the magnetic field in the transformer of a battery ignition system from un-collapsing and reverting to using primary coil?

What prevents the magnetic field in the transformer of a battery ignition system from un-collapsing and reverting to using primary coil? Is it as simple as the functional battery? When the car is shut-...
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Selling DIY electronics online [closed]

Ok, I have no idea if this is the best place to ask for this kind of question but I've been scattering the internet for a while to find any info regarding this: Can we sell DIY electronics online? I'...
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Do electronics distributors require NDA or manufacturer consent to buy certain items such as imaging sensors?

I am looking to buy imaging sensors but the manufacturers are reluctant to engage because of low volume production. I don't have an NDA nor any official datasheets. However, there are leaked ...
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how to choose components by "popularity"

An example. I used Intellifet by Diodes Inc. They are logic level mosfets, with builtin protections. There are many components, with slight different ratings. Let's say many of these components fit ...
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Method for measuring power flow in a distribution network

Considering a mostly meshed distribution network (with some radial spurs) connecting zone substations (loads) to grid exit points (GXPs or sources). I am attempting to find the proportion of the ...
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Why are Watt's more common than VA's?

I know that VA is the unit of apparent power (combination of real and reactive power) and Watt is the unit of real power only. So, I think it is more precise and accurate to express electrical power ...
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How to prevent or detect counterfeit parts from distributors and manufacturers?

I am brand new to EE/ECE. My understanding is that, with distributors, you do pay a premium on the parts you order from them, but bundled with that premium is some kind of protection against ...
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Mic Amp Mixer and Audio Distribution, Won't Work! Help! (Update 2) (Solved!)

I'm new to this forum and I really don't know much about Audio Amplifier Circuits. Hope you can help me. Here it goes: So basically what I'm trying to do is a circuit that mix 3 channels, amplifies ...
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MSP430 Series 5 Guaranteed Stock

I'm starting a new board using an MSP430, preferably the 5 series. I'd like to pick a part that is readily available and more likely to be in stock over the long term from one of their distributors. ...
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Pre-Made Cables & Headers for (Parallel Interface) GLCD's

Is it possible to buy Pre-Made cables & headers to suit GLCD's, the model Im using has a 20-Pin interface like the model in the image below. If as I fear such a convience does not exist what do ...
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SMT "starter" packs [closed]

I've found a number of "starter pack" suggestions for generic packs of items, but my ask is a little more specific. I am a (reasonably) experienced through-hole kit assembler, and can see some time ...
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