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DxDesigner is a schematic capture package from Mentor Graphics.

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Good schematic checklist

I'm looking for a good schematic capture checklist to use when reviewing schematics. This is for the usual issues such as check that you don't have similar but different nets (e.g. GND and GROUND) ...
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Suggested schematic check DRC settings for Tools>Verify in DxDesigner

I am using DxDesigner for the first time (9.2). When running a Design Rules Check (DRC) there are many rules that can be applied. Many of them make sense to check, e.g. "Property name exceeds ...
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Mentor Graphics Xpedition DxDesigner Print

Does anyone know how to fix this? One day my SSD died and after a system restore, I found a clean list of printers. I tried to reinstall MG EE but the problem persists.
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DxDesigner Design Rule Check Errors

I'm using Mentor Graphics's DxDesigner to design a PCB. As a side note, I do know what design rule checks (DRCs) are, but I'm completely new to DxDesigner and am not sure what each of their DRCs are. ...
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Xpedition Designer DNP (no fit) components

Could somebody please let me know what the method is to mark a component as DNP (not to be fitted in production) in Xpedition Designer (schematic entry). I can't find it in the docs and I'm used to ...
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