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A file interchange format developed originally for Autocad, supported by some PCB layout software packages

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DXF file import in Altium, can't select all components

I am using Altium 2023. I have designed a PCB layout and now want to change location of some components based on DXF file from SolidWorks. But when I import a DXF file on a mechanical layer, then I ...
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Import DXF defined padstacks in to Allegro/Orcad PCB

I'm using Orcad PCB Professional 17.4-2019 S017 I've got a symbol with some funky pads on it, one the padstack editor cannot generate. Here's where I'm trying to get to. Green is mask boundary, blue ...
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How to fill a polygon generated by importing a .dxf file to Altium?

I am trying to import a .dxf file to Altium. I was able to import the file, but I could not fill it up with copper trace completely. I tried to draw a polygon to cover it and use 'Explode polygon to ...
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Eagle: Converting DXF circles to pads

Is it possible to convert shapes from DXF file to pads in Eagle? Is it possible to convert circles to Eagle pads? I have just arranged and positioned things using Fusion360 and now I want to convert ...
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Cadence PCB designer How to extract the ground plane shape

how to extract the shape of the ground plane metal (only the gnd net) in dxf format from cadence PCB Designer? Note that the ground plane is a autogenerated dynamic shape so if I move it I lose the ...
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Need help in Altium polygon copper pour selects and deselects using arcs, angles, full circles

This is a follow up question of my previous question. I've done this board using AutoCAD and exported to DXF. After that I used Altium designer to import the DXF file in which the outline turned out ...
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DXF to MAX conversion in ORCAD 10.5

I'm trying to convert my board outline .dxf file to .max for Orcad 10.5. I applied exactly the same steps as described in OrCad Help; however, I obtain nothing but an empty page at the end process. If ...
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Import DXF file into PADS Logic

I have a drawing border in DXF format that I need to get into PADS. Is there a sensible way of doing this, without needing some add-on software?
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Can I transfer Ultiboard files to other PCB layout software packages via DXF export/import?

I have an extensive library of PCB layouts in Ultiboard format. If, hypothetically, I wanted to switch to another software package, this would pose a problem, as the Ultiboard layout format appears to ...
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Importing Drawings ( DXF ) in Altium

I'm having trouble importing DXF / DWG into Altium. I followed the procedure outlined in the Altium wiki File-->Import (selected my dxf) and nothing shows up on my mechanical layer. I've tried ...
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Gerber to DXF converter

What's a good utility to convert gerbers to DXF/DWG? The reason I ask: I'd like to create gerbers to give to mechanical engineers for use in SolidWorks to look for interference due to solder fillets ...
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Altium: Position components following Step/DXF File

I'm new to PCB design and new to Altium. I manage to figure out the following: Create my own footprints for odd parts and using the wizards. Import the board shape from a DXF file. Import the board ...
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Mylar Paste Stencils - Paste Mask File Conversion

I want to cut some cheap mylar stencils from mylar for quickly assembling some fine pitch SMT designs. I have access to a laser cutter for this purpose. The laser cutter accepts various file types... ...
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