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PCB Edge connector: nipples on each finger?

I am designing a footprint for a PCB edge connector. The datasheet shows in DETAIL 'A', some "nipples" at the end of each finger. I don't understand note 5 and I don't understand what these &...
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Proper terminology for connectors that goto the edge of the PCB

A PCB can contain many different connectors. Some of these shall exist on the edge e.g USB connector, power barrel connector, Ethernet connector, Serial port, HDMI, DVI, Parallel port e.t.c. All these ...
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Rectangular connector identification

Which kind of connector is this?
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Custom card edge connector components

Let me start by saying I made a poor design choice up front, but I'm stuck with it for a while so I'm trying to work around it. I'm making some custom test chips that feature ~200 nm of gold patterned ...
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Card edge connector "read out" meaning

I'm looking for a card edge connector to short the pads on one side of a PCB card to the pads immediately opposite them on the other side of the card. Digikey specifies an attribute called "read ...
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Socket for Old Edge Connector

I have an old PCB with an edge connector and I am looking for a way to create a socket for it. I have a 3D printer so the housing is not an issue but where I am stuck is the contacts. The edge ...
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Has anyone tried using a via as a receptacle for pogo pins?

I am in need of building a lowcost magnetic board to board connector. There will be a lot of modules and a connector that connects both sides is needed 6x on each pcb. I need a connection similar to ...
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Is there a component that will provide an elevated SMD pad?

Is there a surface-mount component I can put on a pad, that simply has another pad on top that I can solder something on to? Here is a side view showing pins above the pads that would need bent down ...
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What is the name of these connectors? (XBee Radio Module)

I'm migrating a design from an older through hole module, to a new module that has edge connectors. The dev kit has these nice spring loaded connectors on the carrier board where the module just pops ...
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Is there a way to make a edge to edge connection only using external magnets and gold fingers?

This question might sound pretty stupid, but I have been searching for solutions for a few days, so all of your new ideas are highly approsciated. I am on a hunt for a solution for modularly ...
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Any downsides to greasing electrical connections?

I learned long ago, living in Buffalo NY, that any and every electrical connector I service in my cars needs grease stuffed in it or it rusts out FAST So why don't we put any grease or other coating ...
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PCB edge connectors for either board to board and screw terminal

I am at the final stage of design a pcb and I am looking for a connector to power it (2 pins, more would be also ok). It has 2 use cases: I could be either used as a standalone product, in this case a ...
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