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Is it possible to use an Efuse for protection with negative voltage?

Following to this question, is it possible to use an efuse with a negative voltage power, to eliminate the need of the required big heatsinks?
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Programmable current-limit/e-fuse (+current monitoring?)

Short version: How best to make either a current limiting circuit or an e-fuse (both options are fine to me) so that I can set the limit from software (and not through a fixed resistor as usual)? ...
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Is there a better way to protect my power supply other than the efuse?

I use fairly cheap standard power supplies with no protection in my circuit experiments, usually with output of 5V, 12V, 18V, 30V and a current up to 1A. I use standard glass fuses to protect these ...
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Using the EN pin of the TPS259474ARPW efuse

TPS259474ARPW Datasheet I'm trying to figure out how to use the EN pin of the TPS259474ARPW efuse to accept the full VIN range (2.7V to 23V). As per datasheet, the EN/UVLO pin : Chapter 7.5 (...
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I(VOUT) vs V(VIN-VOUT) for TPS25924

TPS25924 Assuming I(vout) is current out of the OUT pin of the IC. The test parameters say the V(IN) is 12V for the given characteristics. According to the abs max ratings specified in the datasheet ...
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First time designing an SR latch; I'm using it to control the enable pin on my eFuse IC. Just want to know if I'm overlooking anything

I just finished designing my rectifier module that has a built-in voltage monitor IC and an eFuse IC. Its purpose is to convert the 3-phase AC output from my wind turbine and use it to power my USB ...
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What op-amp should you use for an electronic fuse?

I am trying to design an electronic fuse. The circuit is powered at 24V and the fuse should disconnect the circuit when there is a current greater than 11A. Searching the internet, I found several ...
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MAX15162 high-side switch IC start-up behavior confusion

We are using the MAX15162 "Circuit Breaker IC" (basically a high-side switch with current monitoring and start-up/MOSFET SOA protection), but don't understand exactly how its start-up ...
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