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How can you use ballast-powered flouresecent lamp outputs to power LEDs?

We have a 2G11-socket 36W germicidal UVC lamp in our air ducts (Honeywell UC36W1006), and since UV-C LEDs are readily available, I thought maybe I could make a PCB with a bunch of UV-C LEDs on it as a ...
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Can you help me identify this IC?

Can you help me identify what IC is this? Context:
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Why does the arc stop few seconds of running?

I am running a CRT Flyback transformer using a 36W/40W Philips Ballast. My primary winding is of 20 turns. I do get a nice arc. But it stops after a few seconds. To strike the arc again I have to ...
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Understanding the specs of an electronic ballast (UV-Tubes)

I got lost on the topic of selecting the right electronic ballast for 4 UV-tubes (Cosmolux S pink 15W). I have learned about magnetic ballasts and starters, about electronic ballasts and connecting ...
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What is the possible reason that cause the failure (burnt) of PTC in an electronic ballast?

What is the possible reason that might cause the failure (burnt) of PTC in an electronic ballast? I have been using this VOSSLOH SCHWABE brand electronic ballast and recently it has been burning up ...
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Can I use a SSR to switch on/off an electronic ballast?

It's not appropiate to use a SSR to switch on/off magnetic ballast (used with HID lamps), because it's an inductive load and the Triac inside the SSR cut off while there is still current flowing. That ...
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Efficiency or longevity issues when using 2 lamps on a 4-lamp fluorescent ballast?

To answer this question I guess we need to know the circuit construction details of commercial electronic fluorescent ballasts. Is there a downside (either power efficiency or ballast longevity) when ...
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Detecting lamp failure in electronic ballasts

What would be a simple solution for detecting lamp failure in fluorescent tube ECG's? There are 3 control gears running 6 (40w/4pin) lamps that need to have detection of lamp failure. While ECG's have ...
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Repurposing CFL ballast for different bulb (UVC)

I am attempting to repurpose the (electronic) ballast contained within a CFL lamp to power a UV-C bulb (mercury discharge, uncoated tube) for disinfection purpose, and out of general interest in ...
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How does a non-integrated compact fluorescent lamp work?

I have some bulbs similar to this one: Osaga UV-C Lamp 36 W PL-L 2G11 (I can't find a manufacturer page for it) Can anyone explain how does such bulb work and what other components I need to make it ...
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Are these UV-C tubes meant to be run only on pure AC ballast?

I’ve this portable small T5 4W UV-A 300-400nm black light tube lamp with me. I’m trying to see if it’s possible to use a 4W UV-C lamp in the same fixture. But I noticed that the lamp has the violet ...
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Can a fluorescent light electronic ballast fail and still supply voltage?

I am trying to debug a failed fluorescent light fixture. T8, 1x36W. I have checked the tube (vs. both a new one and a known working one), and this is not the problem. So I thought it must be the ...
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Why is my fluorescent tube orange on one side, white on the other and dark in the middle?

I have a ~60 cm fluorescent tube light that is failing. ~10 cm on one end glows orange, ~10 cm on the other end glows blue-white (normal fluorescent light color) and the middle 40 cm is dark. ...
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How to measure load detection for ballast output 18W

I have a high performance ballast of only 18 and 36 W. I would like to do a detection circuit whenever the UV light tube does not have any light out, an alarm/signal can be triggered to replace the ...
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Driving compact UV lamp with DC

I'm 'testing the water' if you will on driving a Panasonic TUV PL-S 5W UV lamp with a low-voltage (12 ~ 24 V) DC supply. The lamp is rated at 34 V, 0.18 A. Since I have a DC source, magnetic ...
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4 bulb Ballast only lighting 2 bulbs

I have a six T8 Fluorescent light fixture. The 2 inner bulbs are powered by a 2 bulb ballast GE232-120RES-DIY, and the 4 outer bulbs, 2 on each side are powered by a 4 bulb ballast GE432-120RES-DIY. 2 ...
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Powering HID lamp from 240 volts

I'm considering replacing a 300W / 500W R7 halogen fitting with one of those 12v HID car fittings, (and obviously customising the halogen lamp housing) I'm also trying to do it on a budget. I'm ...
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Fluorescent tubes in series?

Is it possible to use fluorescent tubes wired in series, provided that the ballast can supply a high enough voltage and power? Problem description F28T5 are too long (4ft) for me, so instead I plan ...
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How can I test a ballast circuit without?

I have an old table lamp. I want to repair it. It has an external ballast circuit and 9 watt fluorescent lamp (PL). I don't know the circuit is working or not. Is there any way to check it without ...
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Why does compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) save more energy?

I read information about fluorescent lamp and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) but I still don't understand why CFL saves energy and produce the same amount of light? Maybe the electronic ballast ...
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DO we have to ground transformer?

I am using the transformer (a ballast), and its specfication sheet could be found here ballast specification. But on the data sheet, it doesn't says where we need to ground it. Usually, we would ...
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Auto-Transformer: how to understand the following diagram?

I have a question about the CW Auto-Transfomer that I will be using. The wiring diagram is above. As you can see, the equitment takes 277/240/208/120V as input. But on its specification sheets, it ...
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Run 12v Incandescent Bulbs off Fluorescent Ballast

Can I use a 120v AC to 12v AC electronic transformer to power 12v bulbs? I have a 150 watt transformer that I tried connecting to a single 10w incandescent bulb, but the bulb just flickers at a low ...
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Improvized small aquarium lighting

I have a small aquarium that has been illuminated so far by a 15W fluorescent lamp. The problem is that the ballast has broken (melted) after 2 years of use, and the only replacements I could find on ...
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High Voltage input and output microcontroller

I am new to this, but I am looking to regulate a few ballast controlled fluorescent lamps with a micro-controller. Everything I look at has a low operating voltage and below 10 volt input/output ...
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Metal Halide circuit without a capacitor?

I recently inherited an awesome 4foot 2x250Watt metal halide lighting unit for my marine tank. The previous owner wanted to dump it because one of the lights was flickering and he could not really ...
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Serial capacitors in electronic ballast of a fluorescent lamp

Recently I repaired one broken electronic ballast of a linear 30W fluorescent lamp. Now it seems to be working as expected, but I had to make some changes to it and I'd like to ask if you see any ...
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Electronic Drivers for Fluorescent Lamps: How is the DC-to-AC Conversion done?

Pretty much all (somewhat inaccurately named) electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps run off a DC voltage and have to convert it into AC to operate the lamp. The DC supply can come from rectified ...
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