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AC Circuit Having Only Capacitor

In my book, it is written that at any instant, PD across the Capacitor Plates = Applied EMF ---------(1) Assuming that it's a pure Capacitor of Capacitance C, I think if Voltage across Capacitor ...
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How do DC motors work with respect to current, and what consequence is the current through them?

Motors in general have always been a difficult subject that I cannot fully wrap my head around. Considering DC motors, what determines the rate at which the motor spins? It was my understanding that ...
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Zener diode for solenoid

I am new in electronics and this is old subject but still. I started new Arduino project where I control 4 solenoid valves independently via Arduino 4 chanel 5 V Relay module. From the beginning I put ...
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"Where" does back EMF appear in motor?

I've been trying to understand EMF, specifically back EMF in electrical motors, such as for example a setup like this: Say that we apply a voltage to the brushes. I understand that once the rotation ...
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Noise from stun-gun based butane torch ignition spark is locking up ATmega328 microcontroller

I have a stun gun ( which I am using to create a large 1/2" electrical arc through the air to remotely ignite a ...
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Why is the air gap between the stator and rotor on a motor kept as small as it is?

Between the stator windings and rotor is a small air gap. What would happen if this gap were larger than it is? Surely the magnetic field set up by energizing the stator windings would still cut the ...
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Inductor Back EMF Direction Relative to Changing Current

I have spent a lot of time thinking about Faraday's law and common explanation as given on wikipedia does not sit well with me. I may be confused. My concern is entirely with the wording of this ...
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