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MC6820 PIA operation on the Apple 1

I'm writing an emulator for the MOS 6502 processor. In order to test it, I decided to run the ROM from the Apple 1. The Apple 1 uses a Motorola MC6820 PIA (Peripheral Interface Adapter) for ...
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On Chip Peripheral Emulation - How to accomplish communication with an emulated peripheral that relies on bidirectional signals in between?

I recently asked some questions for an application in hope to gain more clarity on how to accomplish an emulation of an input device peripheral (in my case an input mouse) in simulation. Following ...
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What was the first ICE in-circuit emulator? [closed]

The Wikipedia article on in-circuit emulators has no history section. I didn't have much luck with Google searches either. I'm wondering how far they date back. When was the first in-circuit emulator ...
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LM139 equivalent circuit

Follow up to the follow-up question. I am close to my goal to be able to restore the sound circuitry of the arcade game in question. One of my plans was to emulate the comparator circuitry with ...
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Emulation of a custom system based around an SAMD51

I am designing a system based around the samd51 chip. It will have an SPI screen and the buttons will be read through a shift register. Also, there will be an SD card for IO. I need a way to emulate ...
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Emulate impedance response using RLC components

I need to emulate measured impedance response of some blackbox using only RLC components. Measurements: ...
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Emulator vs. simulator in the context of EE

What is difference between a simulator and emulator? I have tried to google but I see there responses on SO that are much close to CS. How can I understand the difference between a simulator and ...
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Writing a (signal level) micro-controller simulator

Last year, I created a circuit simulator in C# based on Quics. I split the project into front-end (written in C# WPF) visual editor to create and edit the circuit elements, and back-end (written in C++...
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Battery emulator based on an array of buck converters for BMS testing

Problem: How to quickly and cheaply test if a given BMS (Brand: Daly / Tiny BMS / etc) or battery-powered system behaves as intended for various cell voltage combinations without waiting for actual ...
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PIC24 DATA EEPROM Emulation __builtin_tblpage error

I am using PIC24fj256ga702 controller in my project. I wanted to store some bytes data in a non-volatile memory in case if there is a power loss. so i wrote some functions following http://...
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Fake a panasonic battery to revive camera to copy photos from internal memory

Got this camera from a friend, battery door broken, no cables, no battery. There are some important photo's on this camera that I want to copy from internal memory to SD card. We first want to try ...
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PN53x with emulate nfc

I saw that many of nfc reader/emulate based on PN53x chipset of NXP. But the disadvantage of this chipset is , you can't emulate ISO14443-B why is PN53x chipset ...'s user avatar
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Simulation pass but Emulation fails

I have learnt that sometimes fpga code may work correctly in simulation, but will fail when emulate. But I couldn't find any example scenario where simulation pass ...
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