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Enable/Disable Power of Board with ESP32-S3

I am using TPS63001 Buck-Boost Coverter with a 3.7 Li-Ion Recharable battery. I want to Control Power of the board with ESP32-S3-Mini. Enable pin of the TPS63001 is connected to MCU and its also ...
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Which is the default state of MCU's GPIO before initialization?

I have a microcontroller that enables an IC. This IC would be enabled when a logic 0 is set in its enable input pin. So, one microcontrollers' GPIO is connected to that pin. My question is, before ...
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How can I add an enable signal to a 3-Phase H-Bridge?

How can I add a signal to turn off or disable a 3-Phase H-Bridge? I have thought about adding a P-channel MOSFET controlled by a signal called Enable to open the voltage source of the bridge or a N-...
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Voltage Supervisor (TPS3840DL) with Step-Down Converter (TPS54202)

I am trying to find the error in my schematic. I want to use the TPS3840DL supervisor to reset (turn off and on again) the TPS54202 step-down converter either when the voltage drops below the ...
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First time designing an SR latch; I'm using it to control the enable pin on my eFuse IC. Just want to know if I'm overlooking anything

I just finished designing my rectifier module that has a built-in voltage monitor IC and an eFuse IC. Its purpose is to convert the 3-phase AC output from my wind turbine and use it to power my USB ...
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MCP2221A and ESP32-S3 Auto Program circuit?

I am currently trying to make my own development board but have run into a bit of a pickle. I want to be able to Auto Program the ESP32 since pressing a button each time is not something that I would ...
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Disabling Two Step-Down Converters Together

I have a circuit using two step-down converters (RT8299) which take in 24V and output 12V to power a 12V, up to 6A resistive load. Each converter is rated for 3A, testing has shown the current circuit ...
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Controlling ADC (on/off) with microcontroller

I'm designing a PCB. I want to turn the ADS1120 ADC off/on using the SAMD21G microcontroller. The ADC has two power inputs, 3.3V analog and 3.3V digital. The 3.3V analog is connected to an LDO that ...
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How enable for latch converts to clock in flip flop [duplicate]

Latch has enable signal and we cascade latches to make flip flops. How enable for latch converts to clock in flip flop. I mean how and why enable driven latches form edge triggered flip flops. Why ...
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Do you need a current limiting resistor on an enable pin?

I am using MCP16312-E/MS buck regulator and need the component to always be on. I am therefore connecting the enable pin to the Vin supply. Do you need a current limiting resistor? Whilst the resistor ...
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Is it ok to connect mux !E directly to GND?

I'm using a 74HC4067 mux, which I want always enabled. Is it ok for me to simply connect the !E ("not E" or "inverted E") to GND? To make the question more generic, is it ok to ...
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What does "Driven low/high" mean in terms of electronics?

I keep seeing in specs/manuals to drive a pin high or low, what does that really mean? For example I'm working with a voltage regulator that has an ENABLE pin that says will switch the board to a low ...
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How I can enable and disanable a verilog module

I have two modules. I want to run these modules in order. This is first module: ...
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TPS63060 enable pin driver

because I want to have PWM dimming LED, I have connected PWM signal to EN pin of TPS63060. I wonder is this correct? According to datasheet chip have soft-start so it shouldn't destroy LED. PWM signal ...
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strobe/enable output pins role in MC14094B

I would like to ask about the "strobe" pin and "enable output" pin in MC14094B (shift register) what does these pins exactly means? what storbe pin do? what is it's role ? i would ...
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Is this Arduino regulator power switch circuit okay?

(Okay so I've been informed that you're supposed to edit your existing post and not make a new one even if you want to change the question, so just FYI for anyone reading the comments, this is ...
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Best way to implement a global FAULT input

I've got several microcontrollers multiple feet away from each other in a network that must be able to be put into a shutdown state all at once, ideally before power loss. I want to trigger a shutdown ...
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Can i tie the enable pins directly to the rails?

i am having trouble with the spaces on my circuit and removing the two pull-up/down resistor on the enable pins would solve my problem ( if of course it doesnt cause other problems). I was wondering ...
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Building a T flip-flop with enable and reset using only a JK flip-flop that has no enable or reset, and use some necessary logic gates

I am confused about whether if I should use don't cares to fill in the J and K on the state table, or just use keep and change. If I use don't cares I will not get any Q inputs (as seen on the K-maps),...
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Is there a proper way to enable a digital counter?

I'm asking this because, while learning about how counters work, I read that one can add an input that enables or disables the counter depending on its logical value. Now, my first instinct would have ...
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Is it dangerous to connect an IC output directly to GND?

Is it dangerous to connect an IC output directly to GND while there is a risk this output can be high? BUF1 is the 74LVC2G125DC dual buffer. datasheet here. But my question could also apply more ...
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