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Depletion regime in a MOS capacitor

I was watching a video lecture recorded by my Uni prof, where while dealing with the depletion regime in MOS Capacitors he defined the depletion regime as the regime where \$\psi_S < \phi_F\$, ...
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Fermi levels in PN-junction under forward bias are not constant throughout each side

This is, in a way, a follow-up to this question. I see the following band diagram for a forward biased diode everywhere: In the above picture, I marked a point with potential zero (where battery is ...
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A question about basic band gap theory

I always encounter assertions similar to the following quote: The electrons in the conduction band have higher energy than those in the valence band of a semiconductor. We know by definition the ...
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Potential distribution in MOSFET

Let us assume that an NMOSFET has its source, drain and substrate grounded therefore VDS and VSB=0 V . We apply a gate voltage VGS=2 V and I want to know how this potential is distributed as we move ...
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Why are low band gap semiconductors (like silicon) not ideal for most solar cells? Are their atoms ionized by higher-energy photons?

Most sources on the web say that 1.3 eV or 1.4 eV is 'ideal' for most solar cells... What happens to lower-gap, gapless or overlap materials (conductors)? Are they ionized, rather than sending their ...
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Is there any specific application for an indirect band gap semiconductor?

I know that direct band gap semiconductors are very attractive for optical emission, and even though indirect band gap are used as well, I keep wondering: is there any technology that specifically ...
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Calculating effective mass of electron from energy band diagram

How can I calculate the effective mass of electron in the conduction band of silicon with the approximation that they are free, from its energy band diagram by my hand - not software or something else?...
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