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3 answers

Find the equivalent resistance

I have to simplify the following circuit by using equivalent resistance. I know it probably should be very simple to do it, but for some reason, I can’t tell if the two resistors in the “internal” ...
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2 answers

Equivalent impedance of a circuit

I'm trying to figure out the equivalent impedance of the right side of this circuit (so the capacity, inductance and right resistance) : I see this result in the solution of my exercice: But I don't ...
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1 answer

Special cases in ideal source transformations for equivalent cirucits

I don't exactly understand what's meant by these transformations. Are we supposed to replace one of the sources with a resistor? What's the resistor's value supposed to be? I couldn't find sources ...
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2 answers

Do Grainger/Stevenson incorrectly describe an equivalent circuit for a transformer?

The equivalent circuit for a transformer, as shown above, is supposed to be consistent with the following equations: \begin{align} \small{\mathrm{Equation~2.22:}}~V_1&=(r_1+j\omega L_{11})I_{1} + (...
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3 answers

Do no-load current and load current share path in transformer?

In the equivalent circuit for a transformer, does only the no-load current I0 pass through core loss Rc and magnetizing reactance Xm? Or does load current also pass through Rc and Xm? The figure ...