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ESP-IDF I2C Interrupt

I want to read values via master I2C Interrupt. I tried with this code but it doesn't work How can I do it? I couldn't find any examples. I am using two microcontrollers. I communicate via I2C. When I ...
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XBee XR 868 not responding on SPI requests

I am trying to control Digi XBee module (XB-8XR-DMRM-001) by ESP32-S3 chip via SPI interface (I'm using ESP IDF). Example of my code is below; also an oscillogram of MOSI, MISO, CLK and nCS data lines,...
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What is used to determine the length of a Wi-Fi SSID and password for the 802.11 standard?

I am finding a lot of conflicting information with regards to the data that can be contained in the SSID and passwords of a WiFi network. I would like to conform to the 802.11 standard and not only ...
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How to enable Secure Boot v2 AND Flash Encryption (+ NVS encryption) on the ESP32-S3 with user-generated keys?

General issue report I am trying to figure out how to enable both security features on my ESP32-S3 (N8R8). I bought 5x boards, but I have burned through 4 of them. I have ONE fresh board left, which I ...
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Using the boot pins as GPIO's if automatic bootloader is selected

I am creating a PCB in which I am using esp32 chip and the chip comes with the serial bootloader so according to the documentation, I can either tie the boot pins to VCC and GND as mentioned or I can ...
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Real Time Clock PCF8523 & ESP32-C6: Registers don’t match data sheet?

I'm trying to use a PCF8523 RTC (via adafruit's assembled breakout board) with an ESP32-C6 (via ESP32-C6-DevKitC-1) over I2C. It appears the bits inside each register shift around unexpectedly? ...
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ESP32 - Speeding up connection to WiFi AP and REV.3 chip woes

Esp-IDF 5.0, ESP32 Devkit1 Chip REV.3 Even with the official "station" example stripped to the minimum of code (wifi-related only), connecting to the AP with ESP32 takes 2-3 seconds. That is ...
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What could be causing ESP IDF to not recognize the content of my included header files?

ESP - IDF not functioning as expected. I've been trying to work on esp32s3 and skainet using esp-idf(ide not the eclipse or vs code plugin) and I am facing this issue constantly. Issue: I have made a ...
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LSM303 + ESP-IDF: Accelerometer works but magnetometer gives the same reading unless power cycled

I am using an LSM303 sensor, connected via I2C to an ESP32 and programmed via ESP-IDF to retrieve the magnetometer and accelerometer data. I was previously using an Ardunio and the the Pololu LSM303 ...
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ESP-IDF ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed. ninja failed with exit code 1

I am trying start working with ESP-IDF. Using get started guide I am trying to execute the basic hello_world program from examples but while flashing I am getting below error. Can anyone suggest me ...
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Color depth incompatibility in esp_lcd

I'm developing a project where, using a ESP32 with the esp-idf framework. I need to control, among other things, an LCD display with an SSD1963 controller, and I can only spare 8 GPIO pins for its ...
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