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ESP32-C3 framework location and how to change it

Our software package to date contains several projects for different STM32 MCUs. All projects and shared libraries are located under the same GIT repository root. There is a very convenient setting in ...
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Driving SH8601 OLED display

I have purchased an OLED display based on SH8601 driver IC. But I didn't get any support for driving the display or any source code. I was left with a initialization code provided by the vendor. R2A ...
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PCM to decibel conversion in ESP-IDF using PDM microphone [closed]

I am using PDM microphone with ESP32-Wroom-32. By using ESP-IDF i2s_pdm_rx example. I was able to get PCM data steam in an array buffer from these int16_t values. ...
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XBee XR 868 not responding on SPI requests

I am trying to control Digi XBee module (XB-8XR-DMRM-001) by ESP32-S3 chip via SPI interface (I'm using ESP IDF). Example of my code is below; also an oscillogram of MOSI, MISO, CLK and nCS data lines,...
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What is used to determine the length of a Wi-Fi SSID and password for the 802.11 standard?

I am finding a lot of conflicting information with regards to the data that can be contained in the SSID and passwords of a WiFi network. I would like to conform to the 802.11 standard and not only ...
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How to enable Secure Boot v2 AND Flash Encryption (+ NVS encryption) on the ESP32-S3 with user-generated keys?

General issue report I am trying to figure out how to enable both security features on my ESP32-S3 (N8R8). I bought 5x boards, but I have burned through 4 of them. I have ONE fresh board left, which I ...
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Using the boot pins as GPIO's if automatic bootloader is selected

I am creating a PCB in which I am using esp32 chip and the chip comes with the serial bootloader so according to the documentation, I can either tie the boot pins to VCC and GND as mentioned or I can ...
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LSM303 + ESP-IDF: Accelerometer works but magnetometer gives the same reading unless power cycled

I am using an LSM303 sensor, connected via I2C to an ESP32 and programmed via ESP-IDF to retrieve the magnetometer and accelerometer data. I was previously using an Ardunio and the the Pololu LSM303 ...
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ESP-IDF ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed. ninja failed with exit code 1

I am trying start working with ESP-IDF. Using get started guide I am trying to execute the basic hello_world program from examples but while flashing I am getting below error. Can anyone suggest me ...
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Color depth incompatibility in esp_lcd

I'm developing a project where, using a ESP32 with the esp-idf framework. I need to control, among other things, an LCD display with an SSD1963 controller, and I can only spare 8 GPIO pins for its ...
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