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The control path from input to output with some set transfer function.

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What electronic component does this symbol represent?

From a schematic of a feed forward converter.
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What is the function of the feedforward capacitor on the LM2596-ADJ?

I'm looking at the LM2596S datasheet and notice that on page 7 (figure 3) it recommends a "feedforward" capacitor for the adjustable variant. The example schematic on page 9 shows a ...
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Transient peaks during MOSFET switching (feed-forward)

I am working on a circuit, part of which looks like this: Signal SW is switching the MOSFET on and off such that the nodes ac+ and ac- are shorted (modulated). When SW is high to turn on the MOSFET ...
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A forward converter or flyback converter without voltage spikes?

I was thinking of a way to avoid voltage spikes in a flyback converter and I decided to redirect voltage spikes back to the battery, hence dampening the voltage spikes. Will this method work ...
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Feedforward Control: Plant's Process vs Disturbance Model

I have a question on Feedforward Control in a control system, in distinguishing a Plant's Process vs Disturbance Model. Say the Plant is a motor driving a wheel of a car. There's a measurable ...
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Feedforward from measurable disturbance

Gff is chosen so that it completely cancels the disturbance (Gff = -Gv/P) and Lp < Lv. Is it easier to control if Tp < Tv or Tp > Tv. I am a little bit lost on how to begin here? Should I ...
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Can badly tuned Feedforward still decrease following error

Let's say we're trying to control the speed of a motor to 20 revs/sec, and we know that our controller output for that speed is approximately 5. We currently have a Proportional controller to drive ...
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The term Feed-forward and its meaning?

I am trying to understand the technical meaning of the term 'feed-forward', when and where it can be used and where it cannot be used? I have seen this term in various different areas. For example: ...
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How can feedforward be used with PID for motion control

In a motion control system where a motor accelerates, coasts, and decelerates (setpoint is position, not velocity!), what would be the benefit of using feedforward with PID, instead of solely PID? ...
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What is the relationship between feedforward control and bandwidth?

This is a control theory question, but because there is no control theory stack exchange, I thought this was the closest appropriate location: I've been studying feedforward control system designs, ...
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Implementing Feedfoward from a Feedback Control System

In a standard feedback control system, you have a set point, a controller, a plant, and a sensor to enable feedback. The sensor measures the process variable (or in other words, the argument you are ...
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Could you explain how feedforward is used in walking?

I am reading about feedforward in control system. And in this lecture, slide 49, the author says that feedforward is common in human systems. Example, walking, playing basketball, driving a car. ...
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