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What is etched half fiducial in PCB stencil ? How to use it? [duplicate]

On pcb manufacturer website, it is possible to opt for "etched half fiducial". Here is how it is explained : Fiducial Mark is an alignment mark for surface mount assembly machines.In ...
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Local fiducial placement

I'm working on a prototype that has a few fine pitch (0.5mm) components. I'm thinking about adding local fiducial marks for these components as an afterthought. My idea was to place them close to the ...
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Position of global fiducials

I have two question for placement of global fiducials on my board: In the board below you see two fiducials and a component (SMD connector). I would like to place the connector on the very edge of ...
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PCB Single Local Fiducial

I have a question regarding local fiducials so as to achieve proper alignment of the board, during the soldering of a 0.4mm pitch chip. As I have seen the best practice for local fiducials is to place ...
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Fiducial placement

I've read that fiducial should be placed on the corners of the PCB. And that no more 3 should be placed. Below are some questions I can't seem to find online. 1) Would it be a problem if there are ...
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