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How to make 1 bit permanent memory circuit?

I would like to make a simple circuit to store or save 1 bit of data. The circuit should be able to remember the state of an LED ( on or off ) even if the supply is disconnected from the circuit. I ...
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Why are NOR flashes still used when NAND flashes have a bigger size?

I've seen a few systems that uses a NOR flash to boot from, and a NAND for a bigger filesystem. I've also seen a system with only NAND gets corrupted after files being written to and verified correct. ...
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Can you program a surface mount IC with flash memory and then reflow solder them?

I know that many chips, such as the ATMEGA328P-AU list flash storage lifetimes at certain temperatures, but they usually cap out at 100° C. I know that, ideally, one should include leads on their ...
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How does triple level cell FLASH memory achieve 3 bits per cell?

Originally each cell of FLASH memory held either a high or low level or state, and reflected one bit of information; 0 or 1. Mutli-level FLASH was then developed, with often four levels of voltage ...
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Steps for testing external flash memory [duplicate]

I have a blackfin 533 and I connect it with external flash memory. I have a software driver that erases a block, fills data, write to flash memory. I'm using the following chip ST M29W800D. How ...
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