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Electromagnetic 7-segment flip display: H-Bridge alternatives?

I have an electromagnetic 7-segment flip display which has 28 electromagnets for 4 digits. They run on 20V, have a 7.5W power rating and need alternate polarity applied to switch between the 'on' and ...
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Low power, low profile binary indicator

I am looking to find a way to communicate an alarm on a tiny device with a very low profile low power consumption component. The alarm is binary in nature, basically it is either on or off. LED does ...
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How is a display with colored cylinders instead of flip-discs / flip-dots called?

The Rossio railway station in Lisbon (Portugal) uses little colored cylinders for parts of their displays (marked in red). I'd be really interested in getting more information about them, but I ...
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Replacing Decoder/Driver IC (30V, 300mA)

I'm looking to replace an FP2800a decoder/driver IC for a flipdot display. This chip decodes to 28 outputs, which it can drive towards a Vcc of 30V or GND with a maximum of 300mA. A search on ...
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7 votes
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What is the purpose of diodes in flip-dot displays?

In most flip-dot displays i've seen, the electromagnets have a set of two diodes connected to them. This is also mentioned by David, who asked a question about the displays before. However, in the ...
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Bidirectional solid state switch for solenoid

I'm building a circuit to control a flip dot display, which is basically a matrix of solenoids which you control with bidirectional current across the 25 columns and 7 rows of the board. The ...
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