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Flow control is the process of managing the rate of data transmission between two nodes

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Why is there sometimes a resistor just before ground?

In the circuit below, why there is a resistor R2? What would be the difference if it wasn't there? simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab I am not in school. This is not ...
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UART software flow control in ESP32S3 and OTA using cellular modem

I'm using an ESP32S3 chip and trying to implement OTA through a cellular modem. The size of the bin file is 1250KB. The cellular modem has an AT command that downloads all the content in one go. Since ...
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Understanding ISO-TP, Flow Control and Blocksize

I am currently trying to understand can communication using the ISO 15765-2 (ISO-TP) and Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) Protocols using can. At this point I have a question about the Flow Control ...
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How is USB serial port flow control achieved?

I have a development board which outputs A...Z repeatedly through the USB serial port. Then I created a simple Python script to read from the serial port device ...
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How to control gas discharge rate? [closed]

I need to electronically control discharge of very small air volume over a reasonably large period. Something like discharging 33ml over 15 seconds. I have tried a needle prick hole but it discharges ...
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What keeps voltage/current/power from flowing into "branch two" from the "Vout" node in the below drawing?

I need Vin to go into one of two branches and then continue to Vout, the boxes represent DC-DC converter, one at 20V and another at 15V. What keeps voltage from going through Branch 1 into Vout node ...
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Control flow rate of a solenoid valve using PWM

I'm hoping to control the flow of chemical by shutting a solenoid valve periodically over short intervals, similar to this video: Does anyone know if conventional ...
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Switch current flow from A to B based on C's status [closed]

simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab Hello everyone, I want the current to flow from A to B if the switch is pressed. What can I do here? Total newbie here. Thank you. ...
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Implementing UART flow control in microcontroller

I'm communicating data from my microcontroller (Teensy) to my Bluetooth module (nRFx) which is also a microcontroller that I can program. I use UART to communicate the data I want to send over ...
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Question About Current Flow Direction [closed]

I've got a question that has been perplexing me for a while. (Correct me anytime) (Please do not give me any textbook definitions.) Starting with the name of the question itself, I believe current is ...
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Solution for solenoid valve with can give flow without power? or any other alternative way of it?

I want to use a Solenoid valve for my project, the valve will be used for water in which is facing one problem if there is no power, how can we get water from the valve, I don't want to add any kind ...
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At what UART baud rate is hardware flow control required?

At low baud rate such as 9600bps, I do not think hardware flow control CTS/RTS is necessary. I believe at higher baud rates, CTS/RTS will be necessary. What is this baud rate? Can one still do without ...
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Using Python to control Brooks MFC Power Supply

Is it possible to use Python to control the Brooks 0152/0154 power supply that powers and controls Brooks MFC units? The manual mentions the pin outs of the RS-232 ...
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VHDL using flow control vs minimization

I am currently designing a mips microcontroller for a class. I am now working on the control unit for the microprocessor and I am wondering if I should use minimization vs using flow control (if, case)...
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Is hardware handshaking not available when using a USB to RS232 adapter?

As far as I understood there is two type of hand shaking. Hardware and software. For hardware handshaking other pins of RS232 connectors used. Does that mean of we us a USB converter we cannot ...
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Is hardware flow control necessary?

I want to communicate using a serial cable to a device that uses RTS/CTS flow control and 115200 baud speed. I want to use this Sparkfun TTL to rs232 adapter, but it has no RTS or CTS pins. What can I ...
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does Tera Term handle software flow control internally? [closed]

The title may be a little confusing but i'll explain the situation: We have the following situation: ARM MCU -> UART -> FTDI chip -> USB -> PC -> Tera Term terminal The FTDI chip has built-in hard- ...
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Dosage control through flow meter and valve

I am trying to make a drinks machine that when a button is pressed, a predetermined amount of liquid (not determined by time) is allowed through a solenoid or other valve, and measured by a flow meter....
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ATMEGA UART transmition with flow control

Background I'm using an ATmega328P to send data to another device at a high baud rate (230400). The device I'm sending data to supports flow control and raises the RTS signal when it needs to hold ...
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Electronic inline liquid flow control?

How would I go about electronically limiting the flow of a liquid (such as water) through a garden hose (or similar)? I'm building an automated system for refilling a pond since I'm sick of doing so ...
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Can I use only 4 wires of an 8 wire serial port with hardware flow control?

I'm looking to connect a Telit UE910 cellular module to a microcontroller. The module uses an 8 wire RS232 style serial connection for the main serial (USIF0). I'd rather not tie up 8 IO pins, but I ...
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Is an arrangement of solenoid valves the only way to achieve fluid redirection?

Not sure if this fits in the charter of this site. If not, pointer to another stack-exchange site would be great. For a rain-water harvesting system that I am designing for my house, I need to be ...
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Serial Port (DB9) signals

Just about every time I use a serial port for anything, I only use 3 pins of the usual 9-pin connector (DB9): Tx, Rx, and GND. And when I wire up my microcontroller projects to these ports, I just ...
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Hardware flow-control (CTS/RTS)

My MCU cannot wake up from UART data, so I wanted it to wake up from the RTS line, but Im having problems understanding the concept. When Im sending data from my MCU to the peripheral, I see the ...
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Throttling data from USB serial connection on STM32 microcontroller (flow control)

I've just integrated the code from ST's STM32 USB Virtual Com Port example ( from here) with my project in order to get the STM32 to appear as a Virtual Serial Port. ...
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What is RTS and CTS flow control?

I recently ordered two Bluetooth dongles for my Arduinos so I can have them communicate over long range. The dongles that I ordered have pin labeled CTS-I and a pin labeled RTS-0. I did a little bit ...
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