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Refers to flux chemicals used in soldering. Use the magnetic-flux tag when referring to magnetic field changes.

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Will a faster rate of change of flux improve electricity generation?

From what I remember about electricity generation, a varying magnetic field is used, either the magnetic field or the coil moves to generate electricity. e = dB/dT where e = voltage induced B = ...
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DIY Fluxes with ethanol-propanol-x-nol

Got inrested in DIY fluxes by reply here. Can you substitute rosin-core wire with DIY flux and non-rosin-core-wire? How and where to actually use DIY fluxes if you have rosin-core wire? Which % of ...
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Solder Flux Classifications

I was at Fry's yesterday, looking for some thin solder to use on an Adafruit kit with through-hole components. Two of the solders I found were labeled RA Flux and No Clean, respectively. An engineer ...
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Are solder fumes bad for me?

I do a fair bit of soldering (lead-free). Is breathing in solder/flux/paste fumes actually going to harm me? Are cheap fume extractors worth buying?
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