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Sopftware that is distributed for free, generally with some restrictions on license agreement.

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Are USB protocol and connector free or are they patented?

For a hobbyist developing a device, certification is not pleasant. I am wondering if implementing USB in any way is patented or needs a certification? I am concerned about both protocol (USB-2,3) ...
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Low risk entry into CPLD/FPGA design? [closed]

I have a possible project coming up that looks like it needs a small amount of digital logic (to generate some synchronous timing/control signals). Speed is not that high, in the low megahertz. My ...
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Whole board design scaling in EAGLE 7.5.0 (free version)?

I have designed a very simple PCB in EAGLE that should be approximately W: 10mm, L: 30mm in size. This design is repeated 18 times (I need many of them). However, for some reason, the whole PCB is ...
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Free online circuit simulator [closed]

Is there some free online circuit simulator where I can see see the electrons fluxing,imitating real-life circuitry?
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Eagle Freeware - definition of 'signal layers'

According the the Cadsoft website, Eagle Freeware supports '2 signal layers'. Am I right that Cadsoft includes power and ground layers in their definition of 'signal layers'? In other words, am I ...
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