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RF frequency synthesis - how low power can I reasonably go?

I'm an undergrad working on the analog frontend for a student-developed cube satellite. After looking at the options, I've decided to use the CML Microcircuits CMX994 for the receiver and the CMX998 ...
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N Fractional PLL spectrum

I'm studying the different types of N-fractional PLLs based on switching between two or more frequencies to get the desired frequency. However, I'm facing difficulties to understand how the output ...
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Does imposing an odd initial condition reduce spurs in MASH Delta-Sigma Modulators that has second order stages?

I've been reading about how fractional spurs can be reduced in a Digital MASH Delta Sigma Modulator (especially for application with a fractional-N PLL) by having the initial condition of the first ...
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How to choose between different equivalent PLL/divider configurations?

If there are multiple ways to get the required clocks for a given CODEC, how do you choose between them? For example, if a CODEC can accept 64fs, 128fs, 256fs, and has an internal PLL that can ...
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