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Why do microwave ovens use magnetrons?

With a lot of advancement in solid state electronics and signal manipulation, isn't it easier to simply take high amplitude signals with frequencies near 1 MHz and multiply the signals using diodes ...
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How do digital function generators generate precise frequencies?

I was designing an electronic circuit that requires precise frequency control when I realized how much I don't know about the frequency synthesis itself. For example, when I take my low-end 2-channel ...
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Help to translate jitter design constraint in a frequency synthesizer design with 4046 and 4017 ICs

I'm trying to design a frequency synthesizer with the old-school 4046 and 4017 ICs, with a scaling factor N = 1,5,7,10. The input signal is a square wave with adjustable frequency from 1 kHz to 10 ...
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Fast (high) frequency hopping with off-the-shelf components

I am looking for the easiest solution to synthesize 1.6 - 2.4 GHz (qudrature) in steps of 4 MHz settle within 10-50ns precise timing control when to switch frequency (e.g., at rising edge of an ...
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Frequency Synthesis from 1MHz to 800MHz

I've been trying to plan out a new project for a while. It's a wideband antenna anaylyzer for radio applications. I've figured out most of the details, but the most important part - the frequency ...
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How to get a high precision sine wave not available from standard crystal?

I am considering for a RFID transmitter, which just send power with no data. However, my frequency is not standard 13.56MHz not 27.12MHz, it is 27.095MHz. Can I use the block diagram shown above? If ...
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Is it feasible to synthesise sound with analog circuitry these days?

A friend of mine who is a layman in terms of electronics asked me to teach him how to synthesise audio with some analog circuit and how to build it. For some reason it has to be analog. Probably ...
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Is an MPU capable of equal quality digital synthesis as a dedicated DSP chip? [closed]

Is there any factor which would cause a modern microprocessor ( such as an ARM Cortex A/M ) to be inferior at performing digital synthesis compared with a dedicated DSP chip of comparable speed? At a ...
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RF frequency synthesis - how low power can I reasonably go?

I'm an undergrad working on the analog frontend for a student-developed cube satellite. After looking at the options, I've decided to use the CML Microcircuits CMX994 for the receiver and the CMX998 ...
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What is the difference between a PLL and a frequency-synthesizer? [closed]

It seems that a LPF is contained in PLL and not in frequency-synthesizer. Maybe I had made a wrong judgement.
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Unnatural AD9850 Output Attenuation

Yes, another question about this DDS. However, I think mine is sufficiently different from the others I've read. I purchased an AD9850 board on Amazon for $17 from "NooElec" (see here). I've been ...
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Disadvantages of DLL clock generators compared to PLL

I've been learning from many publications that DLLs offer various advantages over PLLs, such as low-jitter performance and fast locking. So, recently, DLLs have been used for local clock generation in ...
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Are there still programmable clock synthesizers with single ended TTL output leves (in 2019)?

I'm looking for a clock synthesizer IC that can drive my vintage 5V NMOS CPU in the range of 5 - 50MHz. The granularity would preferably be in the range of 100kHz or less. All I can find when ...
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Measuring Frequency Synthesizer specifications

I need to measure all the electrical specifications of the Frequency Synthesizer KSN-2346A+ from Mini Circuits that appears in this datasheet: but the ...
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Generating a 10MHz modulated signal [closed]

For an application I need to generate a 10 MHz sine wave signal that is modulated with 20 KHz triangle signal. This is going to be frequency modulated. This goes into another circuit which require a ...
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How to determine lock time of PLL/VCO vs frequency change?

I am trying to build a transceiver for a stepped-frequency radar. As a starting point, I am trying to generate my signal on NI's AWR VSS software. I am able to generate my signal but don't know what ...
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N Fractional PLL spectrum

I'm studying the different types of N-fractional PLLs based on switching between two or more frequencies to get the desired frequency. However, I'm facing difficulties to understand how the output ...
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Does imposing an odd initial condition reduce spurs in MASH Delta-Sigma Modulators that has second order stages?

I've been reading about how fractional spurs can be reduced in a Digital MASH Delta Sigma Modulator (especially for application with a fractional-N PLL) by having the initial condition of the first ...
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How to choose between different equivalent PLL/divider configurations?

If there are multiple ways to get the required clocks for a given CODEC, how do you choose between them? For example, if a CODEC can accept 64fs, 128fs, 256fs, and has an internal PLL that can ...
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Can a AC generator be powered by D.C.?

I have a very specific need. I need to avoid a VFD due to its square waves - my research requires exact sinwave frequencies of electrical current. With that said I have a Tesla turbine which powers ...
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Fractional N Synthesis and Frequency Meters

I Updated the question twice at the bottom I bought a 30-year-old frequency meter from EBay. It has the ultra-stable OCXO reference option, but hasn't been calibrated in 9 years. It seemed to work ...
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