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2 answers

The functionality of a driver circuit

I was requested to make a laser driver circuit for a course project. After some research, I found this circuit. Can someone explain how this circuit works? What is 1R (R5&R6)? Can it be replaced ...
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3 answers

How to understand schematic circuit diagrams in functional safety

I'm having a hard time understanding the kind of diagrams which frequently appear in literature relating to ISO 13849. Are there relevant instructions or guides on how to understand this kind of ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Detecting hardware fault in safety critical system

I have recently been introduced to the IEC61508 and the ISO 26262 and trying to get my head around how to make a hardware design safe. This question is related to article "Four Steps To ISO 26262 ...
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Manufacturing precautions for voltage multipliers [closed]

I've been watching YouTube: Can you tell me is this dangerous or not to do at home? So I've been watching this video, and I've wanted to do it myself, but to the number ...
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2 answers

What is the safest way to control another circuit?

From my custom board with an MCU I need to connect to an Interlock Pin of another circuit. I have a lot of options, but I don't know what is better. Using an optocoupler, but I'm afraid the output ...
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Thick Film Resistor FIT rate for Hardware FMEDA

I am currently working on a hardware FMEDA as per IEC 61508 and I am using thick film resistors such as AC0402FR-071K5L and I want to calculate/find the FIT rate of the thick film resistors according ...
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1 answer

Safety-Critical Diagnostic Signaling

I need to (extremely) reliably detect the status of a normally-closed DPST momentary switch at the end of a short distance of cable (max. 3m, 22 AWG). I propose to do this with two entirely ...
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Form C (SPDT) Relay Failure Modes and Detection

This is a question about the failure modes of an SPDT (i.e. form C) relay. Specifically, I am interested in electromechanical relays for an automotive application. I understand that either contact ...
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Coin battery for powering the RTC while MCU power down: is safe for ATEX ZONE 2 or DIV2 in hazardous environment? The Box is heavy duty IP67 sealed

I wish to use RTC which keep powered by a coin battery (i.e. CR1225) while disconnected from +5V power. The box is heavy aluminum diecast with IP67 sealed. I was concerned about using coin batteries (...
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Household appliances commercial project EU certification

I got a job to do a household appliances with wireless remote control. I’m working as embedded developer in current company, but we haven't had to certificate our solutions and I'm looking for advice. ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Do residential smoke alarms monitor their sounders? If so, how?

This is an open question, and wondered if someone out there might have the info on a typical fire alarm architecture, such as for this generic alarm: Image source : LABChomeowners Obviously as much ...
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