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Kicad telling me to connect pads together when I feel it's incorrect

Hey all I am wondering if this is the correct way to trace a fuse holder on my pcb. I would imagine that the top 2 pads connected to each other and the bottom 2 pads connected to each other. Running a ...
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In an electrical panel, should a fuse holder come before the main contactor or it should come after?

I am designing a panel and would like to include a main contactor that switches off the entire panel on pressing the emergency stop button. There's an MCCB at this panel's input. However, I would like ...
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Board-mounted vs chassis-mounted fuses and maximum voltage on perforated board

I'm trying to build a circuit that uses 400 VAC mains, with a peak voltage of 56 5 V, but let's consider 625 V maximum to take into account mains voltage fluctuations. I always see fuse holders ...
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Is there a fuse holder equivalent for a diode?

When using a protection diode if it blows it does its job and saves a much more expensive component from getting damaged or destroyed. That's all fine and well but I was wondering about how we then ...
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Compact 250V+ fuse holder for PCB mounting

I've got a design that I'm working on which requires a number of separate 250V fuses (5 off) on a PCB. Since I'm trying to make the PCB as compact as possible, standard 5x20mm fuses aren't really ...
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Need help identifying antique porcelain fuse block

This is an antique 30 amp porcelain fuse block from a house, built before electricity, that was first wired around 1900. I would like to identify the manufacturer and the year of manufacture of this ...
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When to use different types of fuses

Fuses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, assuming that i have a specification for its current and how fast i need it, what are the other considerations for choosing a fuse type? Fuse types that i ...
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Is there any passive component holder similar to a fuse holder?

Below is a fuse holder from Keystone. As far as I know, it allows the user to replace the fuse inside easily when it is needed. My question is, is there similar holder for regular SMD passive ...
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Is it safe to go over a fuse holder voltage rating?

I am looking to buy a few online fuses and fuse holders for the mains power into a kiln I’m fixing up that runs on 240V and draws 45A. A thick 6 AWG wire connects to mains power, then is split into ...
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fuse holder block [closed]

I have atached a picture of a multiple fuse and MOV holder. I tried searching for it online to buy, I can't find it, someone direct where to buy a similar multi fuse holder. Fuses are 20mm x 5mm, and ...
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At which amperage will 2 x 100A fuses mounted onto a dual fuse holder blow?

My question is related to a 300A rated dual fuse holder of the following type which is to attach to the positive terminal of an AGM battery: If 2 x 100A fuses were to be mounted onto this fuse holder,...
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Replacing fuse in Dewalt battery charger

This is a photo of a Dewalt DW9104 battery charger (ie for a cordless drill). It appeared to be dead but I think I've narrowed the problem down to the fuse labelled ...
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combine fuse holder and connector

Is it possible to make a fuse holder combined with a contact to use on a pcb? I'm looking to save space on my board and to integrate the fuse with the contact instead of placing them on a line on ...
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What is this cartridge fuse style component?

This is a Sony EVO-9500A (old 8mm tape player/recorder). What is the cartridge fuse style component? It is 1/4" by 1 1/8" about the same size as a 3AG fuse. It has a scale on the front going from 0 ...
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What holder for a 3,6x10mm fuse? [closed]

How would one mount a fuse that is 3,6mm in diameter and 10mm in length on a PCB? I can't seem to find a method to do this, browsing through the electronic components suppliers. Datasheet: http://...
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Fuse and fuse holder

Intro I am currently working on an e-board. my esc is a vesc, which has the following ratings: Voltage: 8V – 60V (Safe for 3S to 12S LiPo). Current: Up to 240A for a couple of seconds or about 50A ...
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PCB/SCH Design: Fuse w/ Holder

How would one go about creating a library component for a through-hole fuse that sits in a holder? The part in question is this: Fuse:
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