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Used for questions relating to fusible resistors - circuit protection devices which look like normal resistors, but are designed to failsafe. Commonly identified by 5 bands, with the final band being white.

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Help identifying 4-ring resistor with extra band which has gone open circuit

I have a resistor from a portable heater which has gone open circuit. I would like to replace it but I couldn't find the same resistor. It has a normal 4 ring value, but then has an extra black ring. ...
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Apparently open circuit resistor with 5 bands and white final band

I'm trying to measure this resistor using an analog multimeter which has resistor parameters from X1 to X10k, but whatever parameters I set to, the needle doesn't move. The resistor unusually has a ...
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Color Code for Fusible or Flame Retardant Resistors: Data Sheets, Standards?

In the context of the repair of European audio and video gear, made by companies like Grundig or Philips, I come across "safety" resistors every once in a while, i.e. flameproof or fusible ...
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What is the value of this resistor? I can't make sense of the colour-coding

I want to repair this kettle that stopped working after havings its internals wet, if I understood. It's a "Russell Hobbs 21040-70". There is a resistor burnt. I can see the colors, but I'm ...
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finding replacement for resistor labeled as fuse in schematic

I am trying to find a replacement for what appears to be a burned resistor in a power supply unit. It appears to be labeled as "F3" on the PCB which is the designation for a fuse. As far as ...
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Why does this resistor not exist?

I have a 5W 5-banded resistor that shouldn't exist according to the color code chart and I've never come across this before. The color bands are brown, green, silver, gold, black. Now looking at it in ...
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Need help finding a proper replacement for a burnt resistor

I need to replace a burnt resistor, but I have trouble finding a proper replacement. The dead resistor has 5 color bands on it: ...
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Burnt out 5-ring resistor, with unusual body color and unexpected final ring colour

I've learnt that for resistors with 5 rings, the first 3 rings indicate the digits of the value. But here we seem to have (from right to left): brown, violet, silver, gold, green. (The gold ring is ...
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Can anyone confirm this resistor value?

I would like to make sure I'm reading this value correctly as 22.10 ohm. I think the first color on the left is white, but the second color I am nearly certain is gold. The gold band must be the ...
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Identifying Value of Burnt 5-Band Resistor with White Last Band

I've been having trouble identifying the value of this resistor (see picture below) as the color codes in position does not make sense. It looks like a 5 band coded resistor. The 3rd band seems to be ...
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A 4(5)-band resistor with an extra black band

I need to replace a burned resistor in an electric kettle, but I'm not sure I identified it correctly. The bands are: Red - Grey - Grey - Gold - Black. My preliminary guess 28.8 Ohms no tolerance. ...
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Identifying a resistor with a weird band combination

I am currently in the process of trying to repair a power supply that has had one of its DC rails fail. A resistor in the PSU has exploded and I am trying to find what value it is. Band 1: White Band ...
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Fusible resistor

I'm currently working on an assessment for the electronics part of my PEO and have to complete a resistor report, detailing different types of resistor and their circuit symbols. I have managed to ...
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Identification of 5 band Resistor from power supply

This Resistor is not functioning The 4th band is Gold, I've read that means it's an exception. The 3rd looks to me as silver, not gray, this is why I've added a picture. I'd like to replace it, so ...
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