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What happens if you connect a galvanometer to an AC source?

What happens if you connect a galvanometer to an AC source? I have seen many answers online along the lines of there not being any deflections as the net average current/net average magnetic field is ...
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Why is this meter giving different readings depending on its orientation?

My newly-restored (re-capped) 1950s vacuum tube voltmeter is now operational...but there's one further issue. The meter gives correct readings when lying on its back, but when oriented vertically- as ...
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Troubleshoot a bipolar amplifier circuit

I am working on a project in which I am attempting to interface with an ILDA galvanometer from an arduino to move around a projected laser beam. I am following a guide linked here, particularly step ...
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Laser and galvo project

I'm working on passion project that would allow me to control laser and mirror galvanometer (galvo in further text) using Arduino board. Laser and galvo that I've bought are encased in plastic ...
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Converting a galvanometer into an Ammeter

I am 12th grader just in case. Anyway, I do understand how a galvanometer is converted into an ammeter but it's logic doesn't seem to add up. This is what I know so far. Galvanometer is too sensitive ...
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How does the lead polarity work on a D'Arsonval galvanometer?

Following an illustration of D'Arsonval movement such as the following... I notice that the N polarized part of the coil is connected to the positive lead and the S polarized part of the coil is ...
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high resolution analog AC voltmeter mystery

I have an old Pekly multimeter that can be seen here. This is an analog multimeter, and only its Ohm-meter needs batteries. It can measure current intensities, DC and AC voltages, and resistances. The ...
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Is the series resistance of an analog ammeter the parallel equivalent of shunt resistor and resistance of galvanometer?

An analog ammeter is made by a galvanometer (with certain \$i_{max}\$ and resistance \$r\$), in parallel with a shunt resistor \$R_s\$ that depends upon the max scale chosen. Nevertheless, when an ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How these laser show systems work

I am trying to understand how laser show galvanometer systems like this one create high-resolution movement, and generate drawings of reasonable precision (w.r.t. minimum beam angular-deflection step ...
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Convert 0-5V from DAC into +/-5V?

I am trying to control a galvanometer that requires +/-5V input voltage, my source is a 14Bit DAC (LTC2612) that I control via an Arduino. I use a +/-15v powersupply to power the galvanometer. What ...
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2 answers

Less expensive galvanometers (or alternatives)

I am working on prototyping a product and the ideal solution, from similar designs, seems to be using galvanometers, specifically mirror galvanometers. In doing my research the majority of ...
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4 answers

Connecting a galvanometer directly to a microcontroller's PWM output

Is it a good idea to connect a galvanometer (100 µA panel meter) directly to a PWM output of a microcontroller (or any other digital device for that matter)? I set PWM frequency to approximately 10 ...
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Conversion of a Galvanometer to Ammeter and Voltmeter?

I am in 12th std and while reading my Physics textbook I came across a topic called "Conversion of a Galvanometer to Ammeter and Voltmeter." So I read it and found that to convert a Galvanometer to ...
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