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Eagle PCB G-Code bottom layer incomplete

I first started milling my own boards about 3 years ago using a grbl CNC mill and everything worked great. The designs have been done in eagle cad with the PCB gcode ULP. I put it down for quite some ...
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is it possible to make cnc without embedded motion controller over CANopen [duplicate]

I want to make CNC software. while doing this, I do not want to use any motion controller, PLC, FPGA, etc... I use three items. 1-USB to CAN converter, 2-servo motors, and their drivers, 3-a computer. ...
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View raw circuit board production files

After ordering some PCBs involving fairly complex milling patterns from a Chinese supplier, I was given the production files and asked to verify that they are correct. However, I'm not sure what ...
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DIY laser cutter - laser is turning off at various places while cutting [closed]

I converted my Monoprice Maker Select IIIp 3d-printer into a laser cutter by mounting a 4W diode laser to the printhead, and using the cooling fan leads to control the laser beam, via a simple ...
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